Bag of Randomness

  • WifeGeeding had me assembling some furniture for the nursery and I decided to pass the time by listening to some NRP and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me just happened to be on. Funny timing, but they were talking about Andre the Giant playing Big Foot.  Just listen to the segment at the eight minute mark here.
  • While eating at Braum’s on Saturday in Grapevine I saw a man and a woman getting ice-cream, and when they were at the register a little hot fudge got on the man’s hand.  The cashier tried to give him something to wipe off with, but somehow that insulted him, and hew threw slammed his hot fudge sundae on the counter and the floor.  It was one of the sorriest things I’ve seen in a long time.
  • Last night 60 Minutes had a segment in which they took the inventor of the cellphone to a mobile phone convention.  It was funny seeing him walk to a booth and seeing some young twenty-year-old explain a product to him having no idea this man is the reason why she now has a job.
  • My emotions got the best out of me this weekend while watching television.  I had some free time to finally watch the last episode of The Pacific and the last 10 minutes or so got to me, in particular as they parted ways and when he were provided with an update on actually people the actors portrayed.  I also chocked up at the LOST finally, and I mean I chocked up for a good half hour and that isn’t a joke.  My reaction to the ending is going to much different than yours because my reaction was based upon a lot of personal life events that I felt I could relate to the show.  But really, I haven’t broke down and teared up in a long time, perhaps my mother’s death, and I forgot what it’s like to have that whole runny nose and headache feeling that comes with breaking down.
  • When the Emmys come around, two versions of The Tonight Show will compete against each other in the the category of best variety show.
  • I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Green Acres remake.  Same thing with Sanford and Son.
  • What would happen if a tropical storm hit the oil floating in the Gulf?
  • BP Cake
  • Chuck Swindoll doesn’t think pastors should ever retire
  • Southern Baptists buck trend, post most baptisms in 4 years
  • An interesting conversation about how public should an athlete be about his her faith.
  • McDonald’s is charging $0.15 for mayonnaise? But I’m their side on this one, putting mayo on a burger only ruins it, so those people should be penalized.
  • So That’s How They Filmed the Star Wars Opening Crawl…
  • President of Liberty University’s Seminary Faces Questions About Muslim Past – lots of DFW ties in case you are interested
  • A great time waster if you love sports logos
  • A separate LOST post may follow, but in the meantime, check out this impressive LOST viewing party invitation.
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