Bag of Randomness

  • WifeGeeding visited the doctor yesterday and because of high blood pressure she’s been prescribed bedrest.  Because we ate at Saltgrass and seeing her eating habits as of late, I suspect the blood pressure is high because of a high salt intake, but it’s best to not to risk things.  She has a follow up appointment this morning to check the blood pressure again.
  • She was also told that her cervix is opening up, it’s not quite a one, but it’s opening up, and her Braxton Hicks contractions are more noticeable.
  • We don’t have her bag packed yet, so we better get on the ball for the unexpected, but being the U2 nut that I am, I plan on playing a collection of U2 songs during the birth to see which song she will be born to.  Yup, I want my child to come into this world listening to U2.  If you are interested in the songs that will be playing randomly, you can check out the play list here.  The first song that WifeGeeding and I were introduced to after we were married was “Beautiful Day.”
  • As I said before, I have a feeling this kid is going to arrive during the LOST finally this Sunday night.
  • Speaking of LOST, so far it’s playing to that leaked spoiler script that surfaced not too long ago.
  • I think of LOST like a final exam in college.  The journey has been long, there’s been ups and downs with lots of mystery and anxiety, but you are just ready to get it over with and wonder what your life will be like afterwards.
  • I like the thought that as we approach the end, we’re learning that the Losties have more free will than we thought.  And the creators got a letter from George Lucas.
  • During lunch one day last week me and the guys were debating whether or not the actress that plays Anna on ABC’s V was hot or not.  If you don’t watch the show, you will notice her from commercials as the female leader with short brown hair.  I was floored to discover that she is only 30-years-old.  I thought she looked like she was in her mid 40’s.  Heck, she’s only 5 years older than the actress that plays her daughter.  Oh, and our second debate was who was hotter, the mother or daughter on the series, my vote was for the daughter, no contest.
  • I’m always beating up Hollywood for not coming out with original ideas, but here’s a movie with an interesting plot – Nazis that have been based on the moon that will invade Earth –
  • Microsoft is making some great updates to Hotmail – the ability to open and edit a PowerPoint without even having the application installed is quit interesting.
  • Flash Mob Wedding Proposal – YouTube – It starts off slow, and I think the best part is actually after the proposal.
  • Every single Bart Simpson chalkboard quote – sorry iPad owners, it requires Flash.
  • Michael Dell shows off Dells new phone – YouTube
  • Eerie Fence Graffiti – Pic
  • For those that always wanted to combine a stroller with a scooter.
  • Grace
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