Bag of Randomness

  • When I read this story about Franklin Graham praying on the sidewalk outside the Pentagon yesterday it reminded me about this part in his father’s autobiography about something he regretted doing outside the White House after meeting President Truman.
  • I started reading that book in 1997 but never finished it, but at least I remembered something from it.  I guess it has to do with my fascination with presidential history.
  • My conspiracy theory minded self wants to think that the big Dow-drop-and-somewhat-recover yesterday was all a big time heist, like something out of Oceans 11.
  • Survivor sure was good drama last night.  What was not so good on Survivor was all the first immunity challenge in which all the ladies had to show all their underarm hair.
  • I have two plans for this weekend – attend a car seat for babies class and clean the garage.  For sure, I’m going to accomplish at least one of those tasks.
  • I have a friend I don’t think I have ever been more disappointed in.
  • Lawrence Taylor should really get rid of that LT earring.
  • That Noah’s Ark discovery story sure was short lived.
  • Bobby Carpenter may no longer be a Cowboys, it’s a good thing I got a picture of his locker last week.
  • I’m not a fan of that ABC News program called What Would You Do, it seems like involuntarily forced judgment.  But I admit, I like the concept.
  • I’m surprised Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan are still alive.  I’m not wishing for them to die, but there’s a stat that says when one spouse dies, the other spouse lives for an average of two years.  Those ladies were both really connected to their husbands and were both pretty up there in years.
  • Jack in the Box tacos are soooo bad yet sooo tasty.
  • WifeGeeding is not happy with her swollen feet.
  • I need to get some fill dirt, there’s some erosion I got going on in the backyard.
  • “Call the Dallas Times Herald Classifieds at 787-1414” – anyone remember that jingle?  Update: I think the number is actually 748-1414.
  • Jason’s Deli has surprising good salsa.
  • I usually like it cold in GeedingManor, but WifeGeeding has set the thermostat on “arctic.”
  • Can you remember that last time you extended grace to someone?  Just a little food for thought.
  • Even thought I don’t watch Brian Williams, he’s one cool dude.
  • So it Burt Reynolds.
  • When I type “Burt Reynolds” into Google the second choice that appears during autofill is something about his death.  But I’m here to report he’s still alive.
  • I have a feeling most people don’t know the difference between Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.  In case you were wondering, click here.
  • That chainsaw murderer is still out on the lose, which is kind of surprising to me.
  • I’m not a seafood eater, but if I were, I certainly would avoid all seafood, no matter what the government says.
  • I wish to work the phones in a Fidelity Investments call center and was always up to date with all financial news – wish I knew what it was like being there yesterday.
  • There’s no telling how many stop limit, stop loss, options, and other specialty trades were automatically triggered yesterday.  I bet those trades were the catalyst in the drop of the Dow yesterday.
  • I sure hope Betty White can survive staying up late and hosting SNL.
  • If you have a pair of jeans you just can’t depart with after a tear, will fix them for $7 an inch.
  • An interesting natural childbirth video – YouTube
  • 30 years of iconic Apple commercials
  • Gamer Wins $1 Million Perfect Game Prize In Less Than 90 Minutes
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