Bag of Randomness

  • I wonder what Miss Cleo is up to nowadays.
  • I found a new work out program, and I’m so sore right now I’m typing only with my tongue.
  • Modern Family is growing on me.
  • I thought World Fairs were no more, but not according to NPR yesterday.
  • Google has changed some things and I don’t like it.
  • My eyes just won’t stop itching.
  • I was in a conversation yesterday about a music video, possibly by John Michael Montgomery, where he’s sitting in an airport talking to a lady and making up stories about people they see in the airport . . . but we couldn’t recall the song.  Any of you have any idea what I’m talking about?
  • I saw a little bit of Minute to Win It yesterday, and it seemed like all they were selling was cleavage and bootyshaking.  The mother of that contestant sure was young looking.
  • Can’t remember if I mentioned this already, but WifeGeeding is researching cloth diapers.
  • Sometimes when I drive around DFW I see graffiti spray painted on bridges and overpasses, only to be painted over with a color that is a different shade . . . why isn’t the graffiti painted over with the same color of paint?  That has always bugged me.
  • I wish I would have paid/payed more attention in language arts.
  • One of WifeGeeding’s students don’t want her to stop teaching after the baby and came up with the idea that WifeGeeding should continue to teach and I should stay at home with the BabyGeeding.
  • I never realized that there were a lot of sexual metaphors with Alf until recently.
  • I’m almost positive Jerry Jones is wearing a hair piece.
  • I love the Jerry’s passion, but there sure is a lot of manure that comes out of his mouth.
  • Las Vegas translated to English is “the meadows.”
  • Dryer to dog house
  • Jay Leno takes a very subtle shot at Team Coco – Gawker
  • Cornell Study: Juries Convict Attractive People Less Often
  • LOST actors way before LOST – UnrealityMag
  • 11 Music Superstars Who are Technically One-Hit Wonders
  • Star Wars baby announcement (don’t watch it unless  you’ve actually seen the movie) – YouTube
  • Spleen Sandwiches: An Italian Tradition
  • Universal Packaging System Can Package Anything – Techvert
  • The keep my arms warm when I read in bed thing
  • Grace
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