Bag of Randomness

  • I really enjoyed watching Betty White host SNL, and it was cool to see so many former SNL ladies come back and be part of the show.
  • There were a few times where you could tell Betty was squinting her eyes to read her lines, but she only did that during non-speaking parts.  She’s a veteran of live television, so I bet she really enjoyed this opportunity even though I’m sure it was way past her bedtime.
  • I liked the way SNL made sure they didn’t wear her out by including her in more than usual taped skits – all those MacGruber skits was a double advantage for them, it saved Betty’s energy and it was easy promotion for the upcoming movie.  It also helped that Jay-Z’s first performance was a total of about three songs.
  • Personally, I was hoping for one St Olaf reference.
  • I learned over the weekend that baby product manufacture Graco is owned by Rubbermaid.
  • The Miss USA website had an poll in which the public could choose their favorite contestant, with Miss Louisiana USA taking top honors.

    Miss DC USA came in last, I’m sure that must be a tough pill to swallow.  What’s more interesting is that it appears that each contestant took at least one lingerie shot.
  • I’ve been reading Speech-less: Tales of a White House Survivor.  I first read an excerpt of it in GQ while waiting in a doctor’s office or getting a haircut or something and it seemed really fascinating since it gave a behinds the scenes account of what goes on in the White House from the perspective of a speechwriter, and I thought with my love of presidential history.  Before I bought the book, I made sure to read the introduction in the bookstore just to make sure it would be something worth reading, and by all accounts it was.  Of the 280 pages, I’m on page 157, and it’s on this page where he just starts working for the White House.  I feel a bit cheated that I had to read about the author’s days in his young conservatives group and working for a senator and congressman, and Donald Rumsfeld before I got to the part I actually wanted to read.  I thought the book was going to focus on his time working for the president, I didn’t expect it to basically be an autobiography..
  • But truth be told, I really enjoyed reading about the time he spent with Rumsfeld as his speechwriter.
  • The Amazing Race had a really cool segment last night where the contestants had to find a clue in a virtual world inside on of George Lucus’ studio – every Star Wars geek’s dream.
  • HBO’s The Pacific is some of the best television I’ve seen in a long while, but last night’s episode was emotionally heart wrenching.
  • Remember those entertaining answering machine messages you could buy for you old tape playing answering machine?  Some person posted an entire tape of them here.  The audio can be found just under the image when you click on the link.
  • It looks like you may have to pay to drive in and out of Pennsylvania.
  • For you NPR and Lada Gaga fans
  • A very wrong place to wash hands
  • Bacon Syrup
  • If you ever wanted to put your photos in a magazine format – Photozini
  • The state of Montana wants you to Get Lost.
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