We Got Another Census

This was in our mailbox yesterday:

Looking at it at first glace, two things stand out:

The first thought that went through our mind was that we already filled out the U.S. Census, but upon further inspection (the “SPECIAL NOTICE” section), it turns out it’s just something sent out to Republican or potential Republican voters, which is interesting, because WifeGeeding has informed me that she’s a Democrat, after all she chose not to have a child until W was out of office¹.

And of course, when we open it up, it’s all sorts of questions the GOP wants to ask and a request to send money.

But when you actually open it up, you see something in the upper right hand corner that can mislead someone into thinking that it’s the U.S. Census, and sure enough, some folks are upset about it.  At least one GOP lawmaker isn’t happy with this mailing.

Click to biggiefy

¹OK, that whole “until W was out of office” part isn’t true, just an attempt at humor.

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