This will be one of BabyGeeding’s first meals

As parents, we are always looking for a competitive edge for our children. Research about the importance of high protein/high fat diets for early stage infant brain development recently caught our attention. According to Dr. Bill Sears, author of the groundbreaking book The Nutrition Deficit Disorder, in a recent article on Brain Foods:

The most rapid brain growth occurs during the first year of life, with the infant’s brain tripling in size by the first birthday. During this stage of rapid central nervous system growth, the brain uses sixty percent of the total energy consumed by the infant, and the brain itself is sixty percent fat. Fats are major components of the brain cell membrane and the myelin sheath around each nerve. So, it makes sense that getting enough fat and the right kinds of fat can greatly affect brain development and performance. In fact, during the first year, around fifty percent of an infant’s daily calories come from fat.

This got our brains spinning. What about using bacon (which is 65% fat) to deliver these proteins and fats? we thought. Yet babies are not able to consume this most delicious of meats because they lack teeth and digestive systems that can break down solid foods.

So we consulted with pediatricians and began to experiment with drying and grinding bacon into a fine powder, then applying a patent-pending process to concentrate this powder into the most essential nutrients and ingredients for brain development. This potential infant superfood was then added to a test subject’s infant formula.

The results were absolutely impressive. By the age of 4 months, our test subject started to exhibit some amazing abilities including walking and talking. By 6 months of age, she could read and memorize her early stage children’s books and showed an extreme level of coordination and balance – so much so that she was enrolled in gymnastics and ballet with children 5 years older than she was! At two years old, she read her first 300 page book, memorized the Declaration of Independence and (this is absolutely true) began composing her first symphony.

Numerous other tests with similar results – including a very interesting A-B test using twins of an anonymous but very famous celebrity couple – have proven this formula to be just as effective at accelerating brain development in early stage infants.

Based on this and a lot of other research, we developed our newest product, Bacon Baby Infant Formula. It ensures that your infants get the fat, proteins and complex nutrients that they need to excel at an early age, all in a savory, delicious tasting formula.


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4 Responses to This will be one of BabyGeeding’s first meals

  1. Melissa says:

    Do you have to be a baby to drink this? I can imagine that it would work well for adults who are dealing with dental/mouth problems preventing them from enjoying solid bacon, right? 🙂

  2. Carolyn says:

    You say bacon, I say baloney. 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    Going back to add to my comment…This product could be useful in places where you have to keep a "kit" ready for natural disasters. For example, in Guam, where they have "Typhoon kits" ready – You could have bacon formula instead of just plain ol' dehydrated/powdered milk AND instead of Spam! Though, there's always Bacon-Spam now too (I have picture proof of that, if you haven't seen it yet!)

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