The Forbes Fictional 15

Forbes has updated their 15 richest fictional characters with the top spot going to some dude in the Twilight series, but here’s #5:

No. 5 Clampett, Jed

Net Worth: $7.2 billion
Source: Oil & Gas, Banking

Price of crude oil nearly doubles in past year and value of Clampett’s “Texas Tea” soars. Finally fulfills threat to fire longtime banker Milton Drysdale amid allegations of double-dealing; Granny snipes Drysdale is “such a liar he has to get someone else to call his dog for him.” Extended clan thriving: Jethro parlayed sixth-grade education, family fortune into hit reality television drama L.A. Shore; Elly May heading “treat the critters right” campaign for PETA. Member since 1962.

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