ProcrasDonate is also a fun way to organize your charitable donations and build lasting relationships with your favorite non-profits.

Every hour you spend on websites you’ve marked as ProcrasDonation is a pledge to your selected charities. You can change your pledge amounts on your ‘my settings’ page.

Every hour you spend on websites you’ve marked as TimeWellSpent is a pledge to the website’s content provider.

Whenever one of your pledges reaches a threshold of $10 then a donation is made directly and in full from your Amazon account to the intended recipient. Your voluntary transaction fees and voluntary monthly payments are treated as pledges and paid to at the $10 threshold.

Your ‘my impact’ page on our website, which can only be seen on your own computer, keeps track of your donations to date.

If you like, then our system will send you weekly emails on your time management progress and updates on our service.

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