Liberty University selects Glenn Beck as graduation speaker

Fox News host Glenn Beck, the outspoken and confrontational media darling of working-class conservatism, will give the commencement speech at Liberty University on May 15, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. said.

The 12,000-student Lynchburg school in previous years has booked graduation speakers in line with its Christian values, and Falwell said Beck held true to university tradition.

“Beck is one of the few courageous voices in the national media standing up for the principles upon which this nation was founded,” Falwell said in a news release.

Beck has accused President Obama of pushing the country toward communism, and left-leaning personalities have in turn attacked Beck’s fiery brand of angry, weepy and moralizing commentary. But most Liberty students responded with enthusiasm to the news that their commencement speaker would be the man whose 2009 Fox News debut drew more than 2.4 million viewers.

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I’m a little surprised that the evangelical Liberty University will allow a Mormon to speak at a graduation ceremony, as evangelicals don’t believe that Mormons are Christians.  But then again, they did have Ben Stein speak there last year, and he’s Jewish.

There is a bit of a local tie with this story:

The Rev. Paige Patterson, the eighth president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, will also speak at the commencement and a service the day before, the news release said.

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