Getting to know Dorian Gray

I start off all my mornings reading four comics, and the last one I always read is Frank and Ernest.  Yesterday’s comic (above) had me scratching my head as I’ve never heard of Dorian Gray.  After a little research, I found out he’s a character created by Oscar Wilde back in 1890.  Many of you may already know about the story, but it’s something my Mineral Wells and Hardin-Simmons education passed over.

Basically, he’s a handsome guy that sells his soul so that he will never age, but a painting of him will continue to age showing what he would really look like.  Knowing that, I found the comic to be pretty clever.  That storyline was enough to capture my attention, and after a little research I found that the book can be read for free via Google.  Since I don’t want to read all 466 pages, I looked to see if a movie was ever made, and surprisingly one came out last year with Colin Firth.  (Apple Movie Trailer)  Since I don’t recall any buzz about the movie, I’m guessing it’s not that great, but I might try to hunt it down.  Have any of you seen it?

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  1. Don says:

    I haven't seen the new one, but I saw the 1945 version ( which was pretty good, though it lacked the suspense of modern films. You can watch it here for free if you are so inclined:

  2. jonathan says:

    My response to others when they ask why I look so young for my age… "I have a picture in the attic."

  3. sister says:

    The new movie is pretty good…the acting is good and Colin Firth is really great in it. Firth's character had a lot more depth than that of Dorian's… the great thing about the book is that it really is a fast read. The movie isn't a horror flick… just a bit dark. I think my only complaint about the film is the fact that Dorian's character just jumps into this hedonistic life and spirals into damnation really… there's not contrast as to what kind of person he was before… which in turn, made me care less about the character (had I not read the book) and the consequences. I think you should watch it… just keep in mind that it doesn't really do the book justice. You'd be surprised upon the level of humor Oscar Wilde is able to provide in the book. I also like the 1945 version; just expect the pacing to be.. ya know, 1945 ish – haha. Old movies move differently then, if you can appreciate that, then you'd most definitely appreciate it.

    Oh, also beware that there's a lot of boobs in the new one; I thought it was a bit gratuitous after a while… I wouldn't say that it's obscene or anything but just beware.

  4. Marvin says:

    Really, you'd never heard of Dorian Gray? Ancient story. I've seen the 1945 version… never heard of the Colin Firth version. I love Colin, though. Wait, maybe I saw one commercial for the Colin Firth movie. It came and went faster than a Shannon Doherty show.

  5. Sharon says:

    You should be able to watch a version of the movie on netflix instant if you have netflix.

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