Getting to know Dorian Gray

I start off all my mornings reading four comics, and the last one I always read is Frank and Ernest.  Yesterday’s comic (above) had me scratching my head as I’ve never heard of Dorian Gray.  After a little research, I found out he’s a character created by Oscar Wilde back in 1890.  Many of you may already know about the story, but it’s something my Mineral Wells and Hardin-Simmons education passed over.

Basically, he’s a handsome guy that sells his soul so that he will never age, but a painting of him will continue to age showing what he would really look like.  Knowing that, I found the comic to be pretty clever.  That storyline was enough to capture my attention, and after a little research I found that the book can be read for free via Google.  Since I don’t want to read all 466 pages, I looked to see if a movie was ever made, and surprisingly one came out last year with Colin Firth.  (Apple Movie Trailer)  Since I don’t recall any buzz about the movie, I’m guessing it’s not that great, but I might try to hunt it down.  Have any of you seen it?

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