Christian Shirt Wednesday

Christian teens across the country are being encouraged to share their faith without saying a word at least one day of the week.

Already more than 250,000 people have joined the “Wear iT Wednesday” movement and are sporting their Christian shirts every week.

“Wear iT Wednesday is a growing movement that will show the nation that young people are committed to change and that they are willing to take on the personal responsibility of their values,” the campaign states. “The Wear iT Wednesday tag line states it best – ‘Wear iT, Live iT.'”

The campaign recently partnered with a leading producer of Christian-themed apparel in the United States, Kerusso.

Vic Kennett, CEO and president of Kerusso, commented in a statement, “We’ve been producing Christian t-shirts for over 20 years and have seen first-hand the impact they have on people’s lives. To see Chelsea spearheading this movement is extremely exciting and we are honored to be a part.”

The Wear iT campaign was inspired by Chelsea Eubank, a college senior who also started a Christian clothing company called “Faithful Fish.”

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It’s a good thing this just isn’t some marketing gimmick to sell more shirts.

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