Californian man sends obituary to press before suicide

A Californian man delivered his own obituary to a local newspaper before killing himself.

The body of 64-year old Allan Leo Peters II was found hanging from a bridge the following day.

The envelope also contained a suicide note, photo and a $90 (£60) payment for the obituary.

It was delivered to the offices of the Mountain Democrat – a small newspaper in the town of Placerville near Sacramento.

A cleaner working at night left it for the paper’s morning team, who alerted authorities.

Inside the envelope, there was an obituary and suicide note signed by the same man.

In his note, Mr Peters wrote “Yes, I have hanged myself” and then in brackets he added: “At least I hope I did.”

It also contained a photo of himself smoking a cigarette and a money order for the cost of publishing an obituary.


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