Bag of Randomness

  • I’m looking forward to Friday as I’m going to get together with my high school and college friends as we will meet to select a winner for a scholarship set up in honor of a dear departed friend.  Sometimes it’s hard to select a winner as you know your decision can really affect a young person’s life, and some applicants come from a tough background.  We take the selection of the winner quite seriously, but afterward, it’s just great time to kick back, reminisce, and laugh our arses off.
  • A friend (former coworker) I haven’t spoken to in over two years called me yesterday from the hospital.  He told me he just found out his father has cancer, which has spread, and remembered a conversation I had with him way back when, and he just wanted to talk about it to help him with this most difficult time in his life.  Sometimes it’s very hard to believe that people actually remember anything that I would say, or even consider me valuable enough to contact during a tough time in life.
  • I use to tell people that my purpose in life, no matter the profession, was to identify needs in the lives I’m involved in and try to fill them.  I think I may have lost my way.
  • I had another friend, one I haven’t spoken with in over a year, call me out of the blue to give me a hard to for not calling him and letting him know about FetusGeeding, as he discovered the news on this blog.  He later told me he’s been engaged for a little while, and I have him a hard time for not letting me know.
  • I’ve been on a Kit-Katt kick as of late.  That’s not a good thing.
  • I bought some new shoes from the North Face.  Heck, I had no idea they made shoes and thought they would be comfy, and they were when I tried them on, but now they hurt my feet.
  • It just might be time to buy new set of pots and pans as the non-stick stuff is starting to come off.
  • America: We’re (Not) #1
  • The Esquire Survey of the American Woman
  • New Zealand band Shihad has a cool interactive music video.
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