Bag of Randomness

  • The coverage of the NFL Draft by ESPN is getting more idiotic year by year.  This year when players were profiled you saw each of them posing and flexing and dancing and everything else along side their stats.  It was just plane silly.
  • I liked the draft better when it was a weekend event.  I also like all the college football games all televised on New Years Day.  I think it’s time for me to let go of things that I liked.
  • Is the draft now broken up because of our short attention spans?
  • With Dez Bryant moving to the area, I bet he will be spending a lot of time at Deion’s house.  I hope Deion will be a good influence on him, because I’m expected a very poor work ethic for the guy, I mean, he’s even been late making it to games at Oklahoma State.
  • I think Jerry picked Dez Bryant because Deion and T. Boone Pickens bent his ear, and he still regrets not picking Randy Moss when he had the chance.
  • Tebow goes to Denver . . . that will be interesting.  I really didn’t think he would go in the first round.
  • I bet my blogging friend Shawn, who happens to be a major New Orleans Saints fan has mixed emotions about the new Madden cover.
  • I couldn’t help but think of blogging friend Kevin and BibleScholarGeorge when I ran across this VHS tape at work yesterday.
  • Survivor last night was absolute gold.  I’m not going to give anything away in case you haven’t seen it yet, but that move at tribal council is probably the best move in Survivor history – just think of the loyalty that was earned.
  • There is only one Chick-fil-A in NYC.
  • While watching The Office and 30 Rock last night, NBC5 teased a story about a woman protecting a pecan tree by climbing it and holding fort with a shotgun.  They had the opacity to end the tease with “Tune in at ten to see what put her out on a limb.”  Sigh.
  • 30 Rock did have a great parody of the Leno/Conan soap opera.
  • I finally found curtains that I liked, and I felt really manly last night ironing them after taking them out of the package.
  • Today is the 23rd of April.  My grandmother died 23 years ago today, the first death I actually experienced.  She was actually late for her own funeral as the plane her body was on was delayed getting to Texas from California.  It was my first funeral, but I never got to see the body.
  • I remember coming home from school, I was in the sixth grade at the time, and noticed that my dad was home from work early.  When I walked in I knew she was gone by the tone in the first word of his voice.
  • WifeGeeding’s best friend is about 36% finished with her FBI training.  I’m envious.
  • There’s a new ad by Lane Bryant that is deemed too racy for TV.  CNN decided to show the commercial, but one problem, they showed a parody of the commercial instead.
  • In case you can’t be there to read a child to sleep
  • For you Google Chrome fans
  • Facebook almost looked like this
  • How to skip DVD trailers and ads – Stop > Stop > Play
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