Bag of Randomness

  • With the news of suspension of Americans adopting Russian children, I was left wondering how many American children are adopted by people of other countries.
  • The domain name for this website expires this August.
  • WifeGeeding’s school held a baby shower for her.  I’ve seen how her students adore her, but it was touching to see just how her peers adore her as well.
  • I’m credited for another entry on Southwest Airline’s official blog, which was similar to what I posted a few days ago, but they decided to use a different second picture.
  • I remember taking a tour of Rockefeller Center and visiting the SNL set, and the one thing I thought was most interesting was how the balcony seats were on loan from Yankee Stadium.  Steinbrenner thought the show wasn’t going to last so he thought he would just get the seats back.  Since that time, superstitious Lorne Michaels has paid a nominal fee for the seats.  I’m sure the seats are still in use, but curious if a fee is still paid since the old stadium is no longer in use.
  • Speaking of SNL, John McCain was on last night’s special was had very warm things to say about the program.
  • During that special, our local NBC affiliate kept running commercials for the late local news leading with coverage of the massive turnouts at a Tea Party rally only to show pictures of a very sparse crowd.  I’m assuming the crowds were large, but not sure why they kept showing the footage of a sparsely field stadium.  Here’s one commercial in which the footage is shown and a verbal mixup.
  • A Nation Without School Librarians
  • How to print from an iPad
  • Cakewich Molds Will Make Awesome Cakes for Sandwich Fans
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Melissa says:

    time to renew the domain name…beat the August rush!

  2. dan says:

    Geeding To Do List: Item One __ Re-new Domain Name

    Given the lengthy adoption waiting lists here, driving couples to adopt overseas, I'd really be surprised if any American orphans went overseas. Incidently, Steve Blow, DMN, wrote a heart-breaking article about a family that adopted a boy suffering from a form of fetal-alcohol syndrome. Everyday of their lives became a living hell. They were never able to cure him, they just had to spend decades living through it.

    Given the accusations the Tea Party has hurled at the media for not covering or improperly covering their events, they must have loved the NBC5 'effort".

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