Bag of Randomness

  • A new element was added to the periodic table, which brings the total count to 117.  I wonder how many will be added before my death.
  • Hopefully my death is a ways off.
  • Another science article that caught my attention: First oxygen-free animals found
  • I have to attend a university workshop, while I enjoy these things, I just wish they weren’t held on a Friday night.
  • Our house is finally beginning to look somewhat normal.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s Reagan or Obama, but when a nuclear treaty is signed I’m always a bit skeptical because I bet no country ever reveals just how many nuclear weapons they have on hand.
  • Man, the last couple of nights have been cold, just when I was adjusting to the warm weather.
  • For me, dying trapped in a mine is just as scary as downing.
  • When I had a new hot water heater installed a friend recommended that I spray paint the PVC drain pipe that runs outside, the spray paint will keep the pipe from deteriorating from the weather.
  • I don’t have any desire to watch another episode of The Marriage Ref.
  • Tiger performed better than I thought.  Heck, after being gone for so long, it appeared he was actually happy to be playing again.  Personally, when I watched him play over the past year or two, he may have been dominating, but he just didn’t look like he was enjoying it.  He had that look like he was being forced to be out there.  Yesterday, it looked like there was no other place he would rather be and that he was relishing it.
  • I find state and country boundaries quite interesting, and when they are divided by a river, I’m never quite sure (and either are they from what I hear) are sure exactly where the boundaries lie – rivers edge or bank, middle of the river?
  • I’ve only watched one Tyler Perry movie and his name wasn’t even in the title.  The movie was Star Trek.
  • I used my new, new weedeater the other day and it worked just fine, no battery problems this time.
  • I’m almost convinced that Taco Bueno’s muchacho bread is manna from dropped from the heavens.
  • Mike Modano may have played his last game, I wish I could have appreciate him more.
  • Interactive Unemployment Chart
  • Minimum Wage Machine
  • Sex offender with a sexy mug shot?
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    Nuclear Treaty: I'm guessing that we have so many nukes on hand that, even if the Russians cheated and we didn't, we could still destroy the world several times over.

    Jon Stewart had an interesting show last night. As predicted, Palin, Gingrich and Hannity were apoplectic that Obama had sold the country out. Stewart then kept showing cuts and qoutes that confirmed the Obama treaty was in accord with Reagan's past nuclear treaties and his long-range goals.

    The new Tiger Woods commercial with his father talking to him is creepy but Woods says he thought it was appropriate, so whatever.

    After watching Marriage Ref promo's during the Olympics, I didn't think there was anyway I would enjoy the show. It was just renewed for another season

  2. Sharon says:

    I agree with you about dying trapped in a mine. This story always pulls very hard at my heart.

  3. Marvin says:

    That's a cute pic.

    I agree, the "nuclear treaty" is just so much feel-good hot air. I would sign every nuclear ban I was handed, and of course I would keep right on building them. Treaties are meaningless, really.

    My darling wife was complaining that Marriage Ref hasn't been on for awhile. I was all laughed out by the end of "Whose Line Is It Anyway." They could have stopped making comedy shows after that. It really was the pinnacle.

  4. The "sexy mug shot" made me laugh for all the wrong reasons.

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