Bag of Randomness

  • I’m a Duke fan because of Coach K, just a godly man full of class, but man oh man was I rooting for Butler last night.  What a valiant effort by the Bulldogs, and man oh man, that last shot was ever so close.
  • At least it wasn’t a long ride home for Butler, but I imagine it was still one hell of a long night for them.
  • Butler’s coach is only 33.  He has an amazing story on how he got that Butler coaching gig.
  • I bet no one really misses Billy Packer.
  • I bet there are a lot of bitter basketball fans in Waco right now.
  • Hey, CBS, stop jacking with One Shining Moment.  Did we really need to see all those pictures of Jennifer Hudson?
  • While watching the tourney in high school and college, it was fun trying to guess moments that would appear in One Shining Moment.
  • I use to work with a girl that had a lot of John Wooden quotes posted all over her cube, but she had no idea who he was.
  • Luckily, PayPal refunded that unauthorized transaction, but I’m still left pretty concerned. Basically, a company I have never heard of was able to transfer $200 from my account without my approval.  Luckily I had enough funds to cover that transaction in that account, but what if I didn’t and was charged an overdraft fee?  I bet I would be the one left paying that fee for a transaction I didn’t approve.  And if this happened once, how do I know it might not happen again?  Right now, I’m about 80% sure I’m going to close my account.
  • Wind chimes are nothing but prime evil – end of discussion.
  • Tom Hanks in disguise scouting for shooting locations via his twitter.
  • My long time readers know I was a big fan of the NBC show Ed.  I always enjoyed Warren’s crush on Jessica Martel, but I always wondered what happened to that actress.  Well, she’s all grown up.
  • Obama may not be able to throw a very good “first pitch” but I admire his unwavering love for his home town team by always sporting that cap.
  • The bad first pitch reminds me of a King of the Hill episode in which Hank Hill has great admiration for George W. Bush, but after meeting him and shaking his hand and finding out his shake was rather limp, he began to question voting for him.  Wikipedia Episode Recap
  • John McCain doesn’t consider himself a maverick.
  • 200 Examples of anti-Obama merchandise – I think I see about 50 of these on my daily commute to and from work.
  • Creative sonogram frame
  • Dallas State of Mind
  • Craziest version of Endless Love I’ve ever seen.
  • Grace
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    On the cover of his autobiography McCain refers to himself as……a Maverick????

  2. Jeri Ann says:

    We loved Ed!! My husband and I still laugh occasionally when we order a burger because of the episode of Mike betting Ed…$10 bucks if you will order the burger with the two words, burger me. Great show that ended to soon!

  3. Melissa says:

    the same thought went through my mind about One Shining Moment.

    LOL on your wind chime comment…i LOVE my wind chimes…it makes me smile when i hear them. that being said, you have to be careful when you buy them and the sound they are going to make.

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