National Bible Museum in Dallas?

Very strange thing going on right now in New York and Europe about a “National Bible Museum” to be created in Dallas — strange in that there has been no mention here in the city’s only daily newspaper. But people elsewhere seem to know all about it.

The National Bible Museum, as it has been described to me, would be the size of 10 football fields and is supposed to be built somewhere near downtown Dallas.

Things like this get talked about all the time, and most of them are trial balloons, scams or urban rumors. But here is the intriguing part about this deal: I have it on very good authority that the agents for this museum — a Biblical scholar from Western Michigan and a Dallas man — have been making very major purchases of serious books and manuscripts in New York and Europe for which they have been paying millions of dollars.

Full Dallas Observer Article

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  1. Please continue posting info about this upcoming Dallas museum – we will soon have more info at

  2. CBB says:

    The guy in Dallas has led to the Rare book market to ignite in buying and selling lots of books besides BIbles!

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