Magic Milk Jug

Experts claim a revolutionary new invention could help dry up Britain’s milk waste. 330,000 tonnes of milk (worth £250 million) are thrown away each year by British households [1], creating mass milk waste that contributes to approximately 190,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions [2]. Today it is revealed that a new British invention, a simple jug, could see the end of sour milk days.

The Cravendale’s Research and Development team have joined forces with designer Oliver Newberry to create a radical, new, innovative milk jug which will alert people to when their milk has soured. The milk jug was discovered during Cravendale’s product research into the bacteria that turns milk sour. Key features of the Cravendale milk jug include:

· A unique PH sensor built in to the base of the jug. The sensor measures the PH acidity of the jug’s contents and updates the milk drinker via an LCD screen message

· The LCD screen reads “Fresh” or “Sour” offering a reliable analysis of the milk’s drinkability, meaning you will never have to experience sour milk again!

· A new innovative alarm system which alerts the drinker to when the milk has soured

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