From a loyal reader in Topeka

Hey Geeding,

This is [name withheld].  I have a favor to ask you, and if you decide against it please do not worry about losing a reader/fan.  My hometown is Topeka, Kansas.  I love my hometown.  Topeka has struggled over the years with a multitude of problems from state budget issues to an unusually high crime rate.  We have gotten a bad reputation and it is very unfair.  A couple of my friends have started a movement to attract the attention of Google and their Google Fiber Experiment to Topeka.  We feel that this will be the shot in the arm that Topeka desperately needs.  We have gotten so many people in the area on board that our Mayor just proclaimed that for the month of March we will be known as Google, Kansas.  We could use all the help we can get.  If you could please feature this story on your blog I think it would not only entertain your readers but they may also help to spread the word.  Thank you for your consideration, here are some links for you to read about all of this….

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2 Responses to From a loyal reader in Topeka

  1. KansasCoo-Coonut says:

    thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

  2. Darren says:

    I can’t wait for other cities to jump on this MSNdiapolis…Yahoollywood California…Palo Altavista…Lycosta Rica…Binghamton…HotBotswanna…MapQuest Virginia…Shopzilladelphia….

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