Destination Dinners

The perfect gift for the foodie or traveler who has everything. Recipe Kits from Destination Dinners make cooking authentic dishes from around the world fun, easy and educational.

Each Kit contains all of the pre-measured hard to find spices, sauces and dried ingredients, preparation instructions, shopping list for fresh items and trivia about the destination.

For example, here’s the Kibbeh bil-Saneeyeh (Baked Spiced Lamb) product where you can use this

to make this

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4 Responses to Destination Dinners

  1. theangrypanda says:

    I have eaten enough kibbeh in my life … i'm gonna pass on this one … just as soon as the full body shiver wears off

  2. Melissa says:

    Hmm.. Jumbalaya was the best they could come up with for "American"? Really?
    Thanks for the link…I may order my mom a birthday present from there… I know she loves Thai food and the chicken curry thing looks like it may be perfect for her…

  3. warren says:

    Nothing wrong with jambalaya. What else would you suggest as "American" dinners that need spices and could be sold this way?

  4. Melissa says:

    Not really sure…I guess it works, but meh… Just doesn't seem like something that I would view as a "national" dish… I guess I don't really eat American food though, come to think of it.

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