Bag of Randomness

  • I was having a conversation with a friend at work when the topic of boiling water came up and turned into a bit of a friendly debate.  He felt that most people would refer to the boiling temperature of water as 212° Fahrenheit and I felt that most would say 100° Celsius.  The debate turned into what would 100 random people answer, and whether or not an international background would be of any influence.  So to find an answer, I posted a poll on this website and it turns out I am in the wrong as you can tell from the graphic above.
  • My reasoning for my answer was that 212 was harder to remember that 100, and in science classes I remember being taught about the 100° – huh, shows you what I know.
  • I have tried the Julia Child omelet technique and it is absolutely fantastic.  Using this technique resulted in the easiest, fastest, and best eggs I have ever cooked.
  • I caught the end of the Xavier and Kansas State game – wowzers.
  • I can really relate to this article about the high-deductible health plan.
  • This weekend I’m gonna learn me some baby CPR.
  • I keep running into the article that states a quarter of Republicans think that Obama is the Anti-Christ.  I wasn’t on planning on posting it because it was a bit hard for me to believe, but then I learned that a liberal coworker of mine actually believes he’s the Anti-Christ.
  • For the first time in a long time, The Office was pretty darn good.
  • Not that’s just a really crazy looking flash drive.
  • Kordian Lewandowski made his own version of Michelangelo’s “La Pietà”. He used the Nintendo characters Mario and Princess Peach.
  • A look at wireless carrier market share in the Dallas area – Lets just say there are a lot of iPhones.
  • Superheroes vs. Supervillains Bracket – How can Superman lose?
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Jean says:

    Flash drive? Eeewwwwww!

  2. Bryan says:

    I'm shocked that more people didn't answer the "which scale?" option.

  3. towski says:

    Keith, you know much more about the bible than I do – doesn't the rapture occur before the arrival of the antichrist?

  4. John from Colorado says:

    Actually, in Denver, water boils at 202 degrees because of the altitude.

  5. Rev. Hart says:

    I have no idea how to respond to the fact that 25% of polled Republicans think that President Obama is "the antichrist". I'm bewildered, actually. If the GOP wants any kind of credible future in American politics, they're going to have to try a new narrative that doesn't involve 100% fearmongering, hateful language, and wild-eyed conspiracy theories.

  6. Melissa says:

    Yep, was going to say that the boiling point of water is different based on altitude…
    And I would probably refer to it at 212 degrees…At my last job (despite the altitude) our GM was all about "doing the 212" — meaning giving the 1 extra degree of service that takes it from just "hot water" to "boiling water" and creates steam, which can power a train…etc. etc. That was the big push for our customer service… Well, unless you took too long with a customer, then you were not providing the 212 because that left all those other customers waiting… Ah, love customer service call centers…really… LOL

  7. kimmydoodle says:

    Although I don't like omelets, I get a kick out of serving these, but they do take longer than Julia's:
    Perfect Omelet in A Bag

    Start a large pot of water to boil. Melt 1 tbsp butter, let cool slightly, add two eggs and your choice of seasonings – I like Tony Chachere's. Mix well. Chop your choice of ingredients, such as: Cooked ham, sausage or bacon, onions, bell peppers, jalapenos, mushrooms, etc. and grate some cheese – American, Colby, your choice.

    Pour the egg mixture into a Ziploc FREEZER BAG, and add additional ingredients as desired. Press all the air out of the Ziploc bag and mush the egg mixture around with the other items. Seal the bag well, making sure all air has been pressed out.

    Boil the bag(s) for 13 minutes, rolling in the water several times to ensure even coking. Carefully open bag, slide omelet out onto a plate, and enjoy.

    Top with hot sauce if desired. Great for camping – you can pre-make these and store in a cooler until ready to cook. Works well for large breakfast crowds – use a big pot of boiling water and all the omelets will be finished at the same time. You can even let your guests assemble their own – little kiddos love doing this in my household!

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