“Need people who aren’t Christians to review church service”

The help-wanted ad going live this week on Craigslist might raise some eyebrows. If not tempers.

“Need people who aren’t Christians to review church service,” it says.

It goes on. “Who: Age 20-35. Do not currently believe Jesus Christ is God. Not mad at Christians.

“What: Attend a church service (anonymously) and complete a survey.”

The pay for this odd job? $50. To go, once, to the Sunday service at North Sound Church in Edmonds and rate it on everything from whether the music is tedious to if the sermon seems sincere.

It’s the inspiration of Jim Henderson, a Seattle evangelical Christian, former pastor and self-described “spiritual anthropologist” who says it’s past time Christians found out “what our true customers really think.”

He came up with the Craigslist ad. As well as a Web site for ranking houses of worship, called ChurchRater.com.

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2 Responses to “Need people who aren’t Christians to review church service”

  1. This is the same guy who wrote the book "Jim and Casper Go to Church." Wonderful book, but I can say why some of his actions are offensive. Still, I think he does a great job at what he does.

  2. Jim Henderson says:

    Enter text right here Thanks for notciing us – it is always humbling to have people talk about our ideas

    Yes I am offensive to some but not to others – which is what one has to live with if one wants to lead.

    Please check out our site and send your friends

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