Bag of Randomness

  • Congrats all Saints fans, especially to you Shawn and WifeGeeding II.  Let this moment sink in.
  • And just like that . . . football season is over.
  • And to think that Super Bowl winning Coach Sean Payton once was a Giants’ assistant who got his play calling duties taken away by Jim Fassel.  And to think he use to be a Dallas assistant.  And to think the Dolphins had a choice between Brees and Culpepper, and went with Culpepper.  And to think Saints owner Tom Benson use to get death threats.
  • Former Southlake QB Chase Daniel ‘earned’ a Super Bowl ring last night.
  • Somewhere in a place called Minnesota are a bunch of bitter football fans.
  • Maybe the football gods took their vengeance out on the Colts for not going for that undefeated record.  Doesn’t matter, Saints deserved this one.
  • To be a coach and be carried off the field by your players must be one amazing feeling.
  • I love how the NFL tries to connect the past with the present, having a Hall of Famer present the Lombardi Trophy.
  • For the record, I was listening to the Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” before it was cool or even before it was on everything third Super Bowl commercial.
  • I thought Emmit Smith was trying to hurt someone with that coin toss.
  • That Letterman, Oprah, and Leno commercial was a big shocker.  Probably the biggest surprise of ANY Super Bowl commercial I have ever seen.  I want, no I need to know the story behind that commercial.  Per some tweets, they were all in the same room.  Amazing.
  • Super Bowl commercials sure did have a lot of Lost themes.
  • Hey, I never had the urge to go online and check out the rest of your commercials.  Your bit is old.
  • The Who had one heck of a stage, but man, they looked and sounded old.
  • I can’t help but think that the Jonas Brothers will be the halftime show entertainment for next year’s Super Bowl in North Texas.
  • I like Sean Payton’s aggressiveness, goes for it on fourth and one on the goal and the onside kick.
  • Sounds silly, but I like it when the NFL thanks the fans.
  • Hey CBS, it’s perfectly OK to replay that Megan Fox commercial more than once.  I’m just saying.
  • I was happy to hear that former New Orleans Saint Rickey Jackson is part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2010.  But the announcement made me sad, here he was waiting on pins and needles for his name to be called for perhaps the biggest moment of his life, and the announcer called him Randy Jackson, as in the American Idol judge.  Sheesh.
  • I was also a fan of John Randle, loved his story, and glad to see he made it.  Of course I’m happy to see Rice and Emmit go, but I just don’t like how Emmit has gone all primadonna on us.  Recently he was whining that he wanted to be the featured (last to speak) inductee come this fall.
  • Tim Brown deserves to get in, but I have a feel it will be a while.
  • A 13-year-old boy has made a verbal commitment to be the next QB of USC – from the sounds of things, he’s the Lebron of football, the kid is already six feet tall.  ESPN Update:  Here’s video of the kid.
  • A toilet that reuses a sink’s wastewater
  • More students are taking Advanced Placement tests, but the portion that fails them are raising, especially in the South.
  • One image that sticks in my mind for some reason is when President Obama mentioned tax cuts during the State of the Union and all the Republicans just sat still and emotionless.  I guess that image came back in my mind when I watched the entire O’Reilly/Stewart interview – which was fantastic.
  • Best pizza in America tournament
  • In all honesty, I don’t think I would like a transparent monitor.
  • I had a dream where I was watching the candidates for Texas governor debate and Jeff Probst was the moderator.  He wasn’t doing anything cheesy or survivor-ish, but was serious and very eloquent.
  • Even though I feel like Sarah Palin is doing a bit of grandstanding with the whole r-word thing, I don’t know where I stand on that word.  I certainly don’t think it’s as offensive as the n-word, but can understand those who are sensitive towards the r-word.  It is interesting how she calls for a White House official to be fired for the use of the word, and then we learn that one of Gov Rick Perry’s staff used it as well as Rush Limbaugh’s frequent use of it.
  • A very interesting drain for those that always get clogged sinks.
  • It seems like women health issues get more attention than men health issues.  The wear pink campaign sure is big, heck even NFL players are wearing pink, and recently people were suppose to wear red for women’s heart health awareness.  Off hand,  can’t think of one male health related campaign.
  • The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien had an awesome set, here’s what’s left as of Feb 5.
  • I’ve never hid the fact that I’m not very good when it comes to things grammar related, that being said, I’ve been having trouble trying to figure out if some words should be compounded or not.
  • It’s been neat seeing North Texas get prepped for the NBA All-Star game.  The buildings in downtown have NBA players on them, and there’s a bunch of hype about all the parties celebrities are going to throw.
  • That show that came on right after the Super Bowl, Undercover Boss, seemed OK, and a bit heart tugging, but seemed a bit scripted.
  • Mario Timeline
  • A blog about putting weird things in your coffee.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. WGII says:

    Thanks Keith!! It seems a bit surreal at the moment. Here's to the WHO DAT NATION!!!!!

  2. Anon says:

    Low AP Testing Scores: We subsidize the cost of the tests. My son took two AP test last year and did well. But some students take it simply b/c it is free, it is less class time and their is no penalty for failing. I would suggest that there should be a pre-test requirement b4 taking the actual AP.

    About Sara Palin:
    Republicans have some good ideas that make sense. But, nearly every thing they say or do screams hypocrisy. From their damnation of President Clinton for his infidelity, while minimizing the sins of Sanford, Ensign, Foley, Craig, etc. Anger over deficits, after being silent during the Repub dominated years of Trillion $$ spending. And on, and on.

    Palin is just the very embodiment of hypocrisy. The thing with the R word is the only the latest in a very long list of hypocrisy. My generation of women went to college in the '70s, career in '80s & '90s and all thru those years, females were discriminated against and had to fight hard AND work hard to get a job, raise or promotion. We fought to changed society. To end an era of male domination which told women they were of less value and had nothing to contribute outside the home (and bed).
    Now, fast forward to 2009 and Palin steps forward, becomes Governor and runs for VP, not on intelligence or ability, but on sex appeal, good looks, being a mommy/wifey and on a platform CONDEMNATION of all of those who fought for years before her to change society's mindset about women's abilities so that she could have this opportunity! It is a bitter pill. Very bitter.

  3. Richard says:

    Make no mistake neither Palin or Obama are fit to be president. It sad we can't get any better candidates. than the sad sack offerings of our two majors political parties.

  4. dan says:

    As great as the Saints achievement was of getting into the Super Bowl after 43 years, SI notes there are two cities which have even longer droughts: Cleveland and Detroit. Emmit Smith was inducted into the Texas Football Hall of Fame several years ago but refused to appear at the ceremony unless he was paid. The 13-year-old Quarterback received his verbal commitment from new USC Coach Kendrick. I wonder what the chances are that he will be there when the kid graduates from high school. Kendrick seems to move a lot. Speaking of Republican – Democrat hypocrisy, I listened to a former U.S. Comptroller who is travelling the country warning of the problems ahead if we don't solve the National Debt issue, I believe his name is David Walker. He pointed out that Social Security can be saved with a few simple, painless steps. He referred to the solution as a lay-up. Walker noted that we were close to passing the legislation necessary to fix Social Security during the Clinton presidency but that the Monica Lewinsky impeachment scandal tied up congress and the resolution was never passed. Thanks, guys

  5. Cousin Chris says:

    Mens health campaign MLB players wear blue sweatbands to promote prostate cancer awareness!

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