Bag of Randomenss

  • I heard that graduating high school seniors can customize their senior rings just about how they want, and it’s no lie, you can choose from professional sports teams, NASCAR, and all sorts of hobbies and activities.  I toyed around with their website for a little bit just to see what kind of crazy ring I couldn’t make.
  • Another reason why I would drive an Aston Martin – you can start your car with your watch.
  • The biggest thing I admire about the Parliament of England is how the Prime Minister actually meets, face-to-face, with elected representatives.  It seems like a very effective way to express and exchange ideas.  With that being said, I was really happy to see the president meet with senators and representatives about healthcare.  I know many feel like it was some kind of stage event, but I rather not look at it that way.  Too many times the laws that are made that affect us are made by closed door conversations, and this time the public got to see how their elected officials work with each other.  Yeah, maybe a lot didn’t get accomplished in regards to a written bill, but I prefer seeing all of them (president included) get in a room rather than talk to each other through the media.
  • Survivor Talk:
    • I’m surprised we haven’t seen Russell hunt for a hidden immunity idol.  But it looks like everyone will be playing that game next week.
    • I hope Russell is able to snatch Boston Rob’s hat.
    • I really enjoyed watching that challenge last night, each matchup was very compelling.
    • I think James’ emotions are going to get the best of him.
    • Wow, Pavarotti’s cougar comments towards Jerri sure was harsh.
    • Randy sure did seem much more likable this time around.
  • Hairless rat
  • Are we at war?
  • Those Windows 7 commercials crack me up, especially the parts where they show a “reenactment” of their idea and their version of themselves are always pretty good looking.
  • The third most expensive license plate in the world was sold in Abu Dhabi on Saturday – 17 million dirhams, or $4.6 million
  • BYU fans respond to religious taunts from San Diego State crowd in teams’ first matchup
  • Design your own solar system
  • A decent question: Is It Okay To Switch Out Eggs At The Supermarket?
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One Response to Bag of Randomenss

  1. Sharon says:

    I hope Boston Rob is gone soon. I too hope Russell gets the hat, that would be awesome.
    James seems really short temperted this time around,. His body is awesome.
    I think Pavarotti is jealous that someone else is getting some attention besides her.

    What an expensive license plate. I was just complaining about the renewal on mine that is now $112 since I have a vanity plate.

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