Top Ten Everything of 2009

TIME decided to provide a top ten list for just about anything you can think of.

The Top 10 Everything of 2009

Some highlights and observations:

  • Our previous president, despite his ability to sound pretty awkward while speaking, had the top quote of the year – a very eloquent and noble quote at that.
  • U2’s “No Line on the Horizon” has the number three song of the year.  In the clip they provide, Bono sound very strange as he says to the band, “Lets go fellas . . .”
  • Out of that massive list, I didn’t see anything about top ten tours, concerts or live acts of the year, which U2 surely would have made the top five.
  • A cover of Texas Monthly made the number three magazine cover of the year.  The magazine usually has some great covers, but I wasn’t as impressed as they were with their pick.
  • Friday Night Lights comes in at number seven for the Top 10 TV Series.  Thank goodness DirecTV and NBC was able to save this show.  I felt it was important for the show to finish last season, so this season is nothing but gravy for me.  Lost comes in at number six btw.
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