The Google Christmas Cards Finally Arrived

Yesterday I received 20 Christmas cards from BoN readers.  Nineteen of them were from Google link I provided, and one was from Gracie of Corinth, TX.  Gracie was not only nice enough to include a coupon to Mimi’s Cafe, but she sent a most creative Christmas card which you’ll be able to see for yourself.

A lot of the Google Christmas (and a few Hanukkah) cards were quite creative, and one even came from a South African reader.  Because of the creativity and since they all arrived at the same time, I decided I would share all the messages with you.  I only edited the last name on the cards to protect any private information.  Oh, and FetusGeeding even got his first ever mail and he’s not even born yet!  (And yes, Jonathan, I can definitely tell which one you sent.)

Thanks for taking the time to wish us some Christmas cheer.

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