The Christmas Tree – A Family Event

Merry Christmas from the Minters from Brent Minter on Vimeo.

This family (I have no idea who they are, I just thought it was a cute video) was a lot more productive at putting up the Christmas tree than what we were. Heck, we are basically doing the advent approach, and we are only doing that because I just made that up.

The Geeding Advent Christmas Tree Assembly Protocol

Week 1 – Get the tree out of the attic and assemble.
Week 2 – Decorate with lights.
Week 3 – Add ornaments.
Week 4 – Add star/angel to top of tree.

It’s a divide and conquer method and takes out the overwhelming frustration of getting the whole thing set up in one day. Or in my case, it just fits my procrastinator lifestyle. Now if I can just get WifeGeeding on board.

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4 Responses to The Christmas Tree – A Family Event

  1. MamaToots says:

    I LIKE this idea!!! Can I "copy-cat" you??

  2. petri dish says:

    Brent Minter is a worship leader at Northwood church in Keller. They are definitely the "get it done" kind of people 🙂

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