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For two Christmases I did a little “Bag of Nothing Christmas Card Experiment” seeing who would take the time to send me a Christmas card.  I would usually get around 20 or so cards, and they would come from all over the U.S. (mainly Texas) and a few from Canada and Europe.

Last year I didn’t follow up on it, but this year I’m giving you the opportunity to send me a card, and I’m giving you the ability to do it for free.

Thanks to Google, you can send me a card for free, just click here and us this address.

I’ll post updates as I get them, and I promise not to share any personal information that could possible lead to any harm.

If you would rather send me another kind of card, sure, that would be cool as well.  Just include a random coupon – I’m just trying to be quirky and wonder what y’all might send me.

Stuff likes this keeps me motivated to blog, and it lets me know that there are people actually out there reading this silly little website.

Either way, just be sure to include “BON” somewhere in the card just so I know it came from a reader.


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  4. Kevin_M says:

    You have no mailing address, just to let you know.

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