Bishop slams carols ‘Away in a Manger,’ ‘Come All Ye Faithful’

LONDON — A leading Church of England bishop has slammed a number of the world’s favorite Christmas carols, saying some have “nonsense” words that are embarrassing and others reek of “Victorian behavior control.”

Bishop Nick Baines of Croydon said “all sorts of fantasies have grown up around Christmas” that leave many people thinking of the celebration as “nothing more than some sort of fairy story.”

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I’ll just be happy if The Nutcracker can be erased from our history.

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One Response to Bishop slams carols ‘Away in a Manger,’ ‘Come All Ye Faithful’

  1. dan says:

    "The bishop describes such Christmas fantasies as "nothing short of tragic, because nothing could be further from the truth."

    That's all very nice, but just stay away from the Lexus' traditional "December to Remember" yuletide sales promotion. Nothing describes Christmas more than that new car smell.

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