Bag of Randomness


  • I saw this old Cowboys sticker on a truck yesterday.  Back in the early 80’s they were real popular and they always stood out to me because they were square and the silver was shine, heck, I probably haven’t seen that sticker in 20 years.  Yup, retro is kewl.
  • My dentist visit went well yesterday, at least I got to watch The Family guy in the dentist chair.
  • Irony – was my dentist was working on my cavities, she was chewing gum.  She told me it was sugarless, but I still thought it was funny.
  • One of our local radio hosts a while back mentioned that he prefers a female dentist because they tend to be more gentle and their hands can maneuver inside the mouth easier.  I think he’s on to something.
  • On my way to the dentist I saw two cars come close to getting in a wreck, well, actually it would have been a small parking lot accident.  But what struck me is that is was between a man driving a Prius and another man driving a Chevy.  The Prius man honked at the Chevy driver out of frustration, and the Chevy man replied with his middle finger, and then the Prius man got of our his car as if he wanted to start a fight.  I would have stayed to see the outcome but my light turned green.
  • I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to be a patient back in the old west, like when Doc Holliday was your dentist.
  • I noticed that iGoogle is finally displaying the latest Google logo image – I always felt I was being left out of their creativity.
  • This story is always reported this time of year.  And in my opinion, that movie is the most over-rated Christmas movie in the history of ever.
  • Worst job ever?
  • Does anyone over the age of 40 willing goes to see the Rockettes?
  • Twoddler – Twitter for toddlers
  • Archbishop Timothy Dolan has some interesting things to say about Christmas – my favorite being how he ended his piece, “Even more troublesome is that this season, when we should be celebrating peace, we find instead so many ways to be at odds with one another. It really doesn’t have to be this way.”
  • The next Harry Potter movie is going to have a nude scene?
  • Ben Stiller’s charity website cracks me up because he mocks Lance Armstrong, who is cool with the it as he appears in several videos on the website.  Instead of wristbands, Stiller is selling STILLERSTRONG headbands.
  • One of my favorites scenes in Ben Stiller’s movie Zoolander is when he wants to build the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.
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  1. sister says:

    Ahahahahaha… I love Zoolander. We should watch it when I come home. I also like the part where the model for the building is revealed and he says " What is this?! A center for ANTS?! How can we be expected to teach children how to read if they cant fit in the building?…. The center needs to at least be…. THREE times bigger than this!" Lol …. that and how David Duchovny's a hand model.

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