One Loyal Dog

I’m not ashamed to admit my eyes got a little misty.

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  1. Nic says:

    So glad that one had a happy ending!

  2. mzchief says:

    That story reminds me of the poem, written decades ago, by Kathy Flood about the plight of dogs left abandoned on the side of roads.

    A Dog Sits Waiting

    A dog sits waiting in the cold autumn sun.
    Too faithful to leave, too frightened to run.

    He's been here for days now with nothing to do
    But sit by the road, waiting for you.

    He can't understand why you left him that day.
    He thought you and he were stopping to play.

    He's sure you'll come back, and that's why he stays.
    How long will he suffer? How many more days?

    His legs have grown weak, his throat's parched and dry.
    He's sick now from hunger and falls, with a sigh.

    He lays down his head and closes his eyes,
    I wish you could see how a waiting dogs dies.

  3. petri dish says:

    I cried too. Too many dog intensive posts, BON! shame on you for making me cry several times today. 🙂

  4. @caaaxy01 says:

    You mean "A" decade ago, and it's kinda funny you mention Kathy Flood when my wife holds the copyright to that poem… My wife was 11 when she wrote that. Got the copyright when she was a teenager in 2001. It's still to this day scribbled in her notebook from when she was a kid. Original poem… I think credit is needed where credit is due. Thousands of people have reposted this changing one word here and there, even changing only the title. It's called "Waiting Dog" actually, Not "A Dog Sits Waiting". Try and find this poem posted before 2001… You can't. My wife wrote it.

    Since this content is copyrighted, this posting is technically "theft" as I know you didn't ask the copyright holder for permission to post this. This needs to have the correct author in the title or needs to be removed.

    • theangrypanda says:

      Perhaps you should do some research upon fair-use. There was no obvious intent to profit from this material, which is truly the defining characteristic of copyright infringement; this would also null any possible claim of intellectual property rights. If one is reposting something to a community unto itself, with at least a modest citation, there is no reason for such a person to come under fire. I find it interesting that you would say that your wife holds the copyright and your evidence is that it is scribbled in her notebook. If I were to use the same logic, I hold the copyright to many works of e.e. Cummings. Also, concerning the issue of the title, I have searched the entire copyright catalog records that one can search online (everything before 1978), and have found nothing to prove your claims. Not to mention that it is a little silly that you're claiming copyright infringement over a year after the comment was posted.

  5. Amelia Painter says:

    If you can prove the 2001 copyright, I'd like to hear from you — actually your wife — as I am interested in using this poem in a forthcoming book.

    I too have researched the Library of Congress files online and could not find proof of anyone having ownership of this poem. MANY people have claimed to be the author. Kathy Flood, Kathie Floyd, a woman with the first name of Jinx Netta, Ashley Hobbs, Chis Holden and someone from Iceland has claimed to be the author.

    If you have proof of copyright, please contact me at 712-260-5372.
    Amelia Painter, author

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