Disney Prince and Princesses Deconstructed

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3 Responses to Disney Prince and Princesses Deconstructed

  1. Katreena says:

    Well on the left is Eric from "The little Mermaid" Then the unnamed prince who was just reffered to as Prince Charming from "Snow White" Then Aliddin of course from ""Aliddin" Then on the right is Christopher from "Cinderells" followed by Plhillip from "Sleeping Beauty" and lastly Prince Adam better known as the "Beast" from "Beauty and the Beast"

  2. Katreena says:

    excuse me its hard to see the writeing when typing into the comment box i had ment "Cinderella"

  3. shelby says:

    kinda a good point but this is the negative side disney hit good pts too, like ariel turned back to normal, eric still loved her for who she was, beast shows beauty is on the inside, snow white shows hope, aurora shows the danger of strangers and how true love conquers, cindy shows to follow your dreams and jasmine tells ppl to be different and being rich doesnt mean love. they arent all bad 😛

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