Bag of Randomness


  • I noticed that Troy Aikman tweeted about Michael Irving on Dancing With The Stars.  He was trying to solicit some votes for his old teammate.  I thought that nice.
  • I’m about to declare jihad on my closet.  Since we got the new carpet, this is going to give me an opportunity to get rid of some clothes that I will never fit into again, and some clothes that are totally out of style.
  • It’s amazing what maturity can do to a person.  For the longest time, I always thought Eagles/Giants/Redskins fans were nothing but jerks.  But over time, many of them have shown me that they can be really good friends.  I’m humbled, and feel stupid for taking rivalries too seriously.
  • But I still question their mental health from time to time.
  • Anyone in Massachusetts missing a Netflix DVD?
  • I pray that I’m never stuck at a stoplight next to this guy.
  • I don’t know how anyone can listen to 105.3 The Fan.  I tried to listen to it for five minutes on the way home.  In that five minutes, I think I discovered that because they are the official Cowboys station, they won’t even remotely come close to criticizing the Cowboys.  Here’s what I heard in that five minutes:
    • If the Cowboys lose to Carolina their entire season is over with – even with a one win and two losses with 13 games left in the regular season.  They didn’t even consider that in those three games, the Cowboys have only played one team in their division.
    • A great comparison for the Party Pass tickets is the Subway $5 footlong subs.  The same people that are upset that a footlong sub from Subway costs more $5 when you add chips and a drink are the same kind of people that bought a Party Pass and expected to see the game.
  • Women are becoming more beautiful
  • An actual lawn chair
  • Average size models cause drama in London fashion show
  • Glenn Beck not a fan of McCain or Theodore Roosevelt
  • For fans of fonts: Arial vs Helvetica
  • “Numbers are for baseball, there’s only one thing that matters in the NFL — championships.”  Jimmy Johnson on Fox NFL Sunday.
  • This will be me at the U2 concert
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