Bag of Randomness

  • The Cowboys record breaking attendance deserves an asterisk.  If 30,000 Party Passes were sold, and only 14,000 were actually let inside the stadium, then 16,000 needs to be subtracted from that total attendance record.  And I’m upset the media is only reporting that “dozens” were left outside.  Trust me, it wasn’t dozens, it was thousands, and I have the pictures to prove it.
  • I’m not mad, just really sad that so many tickets were sold in which people would never get inside the stadium.  It was trickery – do the act and apologize later, say their was a communication error.  Jerry wanted to break that attendance record, but he never got to see the faces of the fans stuck immediately outside the stadium who were regulated to watching what was going on inside on a temporary outdoor screen.  Some ticket holders had so much home pride they dressed up and painted their face, some of which had children wishing they would get a peak inside – which never happened.
  • The weird part is, I myself don’t feel so bad that I didn’t get the experience I was hoping for.  I tend to approach things preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best.  For me, cost wasn’t a major factor and my commute is about half an hour to the new stadium.  But as I said, it’s all those other people who traveled so far away, many with family, with that look of anticipation in their eye only to be told you can only stand outside the stadium for a once in a lifetime experience even though you have a ticket.
  • Those Party Passes were marketed as if you would be able to be inside the stadium watching the game, it was never mentioned that there was a possibility that ticket holders would never get a chance to be inside for this once in a lifetime event.
  • Jerry Jones is the modern day Nero.  He’s done nothing but burn the franchise down in terms of play on the field (when was the last time we won a playoff game?) and now he’s got his new stadium.  Just give him a violin to complete the image.
  • Or since we are in Texas, a fiddle.
  • And yes, I stole the above reference from something I heard on The Ticket.
  • And now get this . . . the Cowboys are now going to reduce the number of Party Passes by TWO THIRDS
  • It’s wrong to toy with people’s emotions, and their income.  For so many working folks, getting away to a Cowboy game is a small escape from the everyday stresses of the world.
  • Jerry, go to hell.
  • OK, I didn’t mean that.
  • Autobots vs. G.I. Joes
  • Real life Flinstones house
  • Rate My Fishtank
  • Romo mic’d up for the Tampa game – I found this “inside” look interesting
  • All through high school my football coaches would never let anyone take their helmet off or unbuckle their chinstrap during a game.  I thought that was the stupidest rule.  Their reasoning was they didn’t want us to be unprepared, but I’m thinking see if you can trust us first and if not, then enforce the rule.
  • Monkey roll was a fun football drill.
  • Cold weather, come on down.
  • I’m humbled by my dog’s loyalty.
  • Someone mentioned they were upset at me.  Sometimes it’s hard to try to be myself and state my opinion without upsetting anyone, but I think most of you by now know my heart – that it isn’t my intent to be an ass or jerk.
  • Nathan S – It was me.  If that doesn’t make sense now, it will later.
  • House was good last night.  SPOILER ALERT – I thought it was interesting how they got the whole psych ward story out of the way.  It was nice to see him confront his troubles, but I kind of like the grumpy House, so I hope there isn’t too much of a change.
  • Man, I got a lot to catch up on the DVR.
  • Billy Graham’s grandson is a Presbyterian minister
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One Response to Bag of Randomness

  1. Nathan S. says:

    – That whole party pass situation is extremely sketchy. It's obvious Jerry just wanted the record and would do anything to get it.
    – That Romo clip is gold, it kind of gave me a different impression of him.
    – The comment directed at me was way to close to the upset one. I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out why I was upset at you.
    – House was awesome last night, I really like it when they break from the normal episode. I wish they would have left him in the psych ward for more of the season.

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