Bag of Randomness


  • Matt Lauer was interviewed on sports radio 1310 The Ticket yesterday at 8:15 AM yesterday, when he is usually on the air on NBC.  It was a bit surreal.
  • NPR had a segment on the TV show Survivor yesterday morning that I found quite interesting, and it actually answered one of my questions about the show.  I always wondered after Jeff describes the challenge, do the contestants have a chance to ask any clarifying questions.  Well, it turns out after we see him explain the challenge on TV, he actually walks both teams through the whole course where they are able to ask questions.  That process takes about 30 minutes, and he has some kind of CBS official that follows him around making sure he gives the same information to both camps.
  • Lots of good television last night.  Survivor had lots of unintentional racial comedy and a sneaky dirty playing guy that will be fun to root against.  Two parts of SNL was pretty funny, the beginning and “Really,” but the Thursday episode should come on before the season premier.  The Office didn’t disappoint, and the new show Community was bearable, but I was hoping for more out of Chevy Chase.
  • WifeGeeding would probably add the greatness of Project Runway but since I refuse to turn in my man-card I’m going to withhold comment.
  • I think everyone is racist, at least a little bit, it’s just some are more so than others.
  • Saturday is going to be busy.  Carpet will be installed in two rooms, new furniture will be arriving, and there’s a wedding in an airport hangar I plan on attending.
  • I will be teaching an organizational behavior course come Nov/Dec.  It’s one I haven’t taught before, but it should be fun.
  • I mentioned that one of my coworkers recently lost his father and had to fly back to India.  Now another coworker is about to lose her father to cancer and just flew back home to Illinois.
  • Another coworker recently got into a car accident, but he’s ok.  Actually he’s been wanting to buy a new car for the last four months.  Every Friday he tells me that “this is going to be the weekend I buy a new car.”  I have a feeling this car accident is going to be motivation.
  • I will be attending the Cowboy game with that friend come this Sunday night, which may mean a lack of blogging come this Monday.
  • I’m goofy enough to record the game I’m attending to not to see if I end up on TV, but just to see how the opening of the new stadium will be covered.
  • It would be great if the Cowboys can win the game, but I’m predicting 31-24 Giants.  And I have a feeling the first points will be a field goal, and the first touchdown will be scored by the Giants’ defense.
  • I keep seeing pictures of the “Windows fail” message at Cowboys Stadium, but I keep seeing the captions state that it’s Texas Stadium.
  • An interesting story about taking electronics to China
  • The murder of that Yale medical student has me thinking about corporate security.  There were times I felt a bit inconvenienced about having to use my badge to get to certain areas in a building and felt a bit weird because of all the security cameras.  But now I see the value in them.  The cameras helped determine that she never left the building, thus narrowing down the police search.  And the badge helped to figure how who had access to that particular area in the building as well as who and when a person entered that area.
  • Sneaky Colgate Advertising
  • Bearsharktopus
  • U2 will be on SNL this weekend, Megan Fox is hosting.  She’s attractive, very attractive, but kinda trashy.
  • Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.
  • Grace
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. jonathan says:

    I think you mean to say, everyone has prejudice…right? Check out the difference between racism and prejudice…

  2. Rev. Hart says:

    You're going to the Cowboys vs. Giants game? Man, that's awesome! You really think the Cowboys will win? It's funny, since I'm a Giants fan, but I think the Cowboys are going to win! (Our secondary is very injured right now, and we're not really fully recovered in the WR arena either, since Plaxico shot himself in the friggin thigh…)

    May the best team win!

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