Bag of Randomness

  • I think GeedingManor was magically transported to Seattle this weekend – it never stopped raining.
  • Speaking of GeedingManor, we bought some new carpet at Lowe’s over the weekend.  They have a special that if you bought Stainmaster carpet you can have it installed in the whole house for $39, but we went with a cheaper non-Stainmaster carpet and the install is going to cost us $139, which I still don’t think is that bad of a deal.  But I noticed the existing carpet in our living room needs stretched, and asked since they were going to be installing new carpet and have all the necessary tools here if they could just go ahead and do the living room carpet stretch when they were here.  I wasn’t expecting it to be free, but I also wasn’t expecting them to charge me an additional $150 – more than the install for the two rooms we are getting carpet in.  I’m pretty confident I can find someone on Craigslist to do it for considerably cheaper.
  • I’m moving all the furniture and removing all the the old carpet myself to save on some additional charges.  I also removed all the existing carpet tacks.  Someone told me that they helped cause all of the black mildewy-looking marks because of the reaction the metal tacks had with steam cleaning products.
  • There’s a new Nike Adrian Peterson commercial that I just don’t understand.
  • Sometimes it’s just great listening to the rain in the middle of the night.
  • It’s even better when your dog is napping on you.
  • I have never watched an episode of M.A.S.H. but I did enjoy the movie.
  • It’s interesting how one president can lead a country to war over WMD’s that were never found and never be shouted out as a liar during a joint session to Congress, and another president wants to provide affordable healthcare and be shouted out as a liar during a joint session.
  • I was flipping channels on Saturday afternoon and hit the NFL Network at the exact time U2 performed at the Super Bowl halftime show that the NFL Network was re-airing.  It was the first time that I watched it on a big screen, and noticed several things I didn’t when I first saw it and on a YouTube screen.  For instance, I didn’t know Bono’s jacket had football laces sewed into it and has the Super Bowl roman numerals on it as well.  I also noticed several people trying to hit him with glow sticks, and I’m not sure, but I think Adam Clayton was wearing a Che Guevara shirt.
  • That was one heck of a Super Bowl – the first after 9/11, the underdog Patriots with the Cinderella Tom Brady as QB, the cocky and over confident Goliath St. Louis Rams, the hard luck and at that time sympathetic Bill Belichick, and I think the last Super Bowl that Madden and Summeral worked together, as well as being the last Super Bowl in New Orleans.  Oh, and of course, U2.
  • I wanted to buy a grass bag to attach to my lawn mower, and I discovered doing so is a tougher challenge than I originally thought because I thought all bag had a universal fit.  And then I found that a bag will cost close to $100 – about a third of the cost of a new mower.
  • At the mower store the salesman predicted that in 15 years most mowers in stores will be battery powered.
  • An American pilot was shot down over Germany during WWII, and while he was held captive he buried his pilot wings in a farm house because he didn’t want the Germans to discover he was a bomber pilot, because they were treated more harshly.  He recently went back to find those wings, and the Germans were happy to welcome him back.  Read about it here.
  • That damn Fox robot and those outdated graphics are back.
  • Tampa Bay and Washington have better uniforms for their cheerleaders than Dallas’.
  • Crazy anagram: Britney Spears = Presbyterians
  • Charles Darwin film ‘too controversial for religious America’
  • I was surprised that man of you would prefer to have weekend posts.  The main reason I don’t post on the weekend is because I thought no one would check.
  • Corn on the cob cupcakes?
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. I was "noticing" the Tampa Bay cheerleaders' uniforms as well. Their outfits are GREAT…I was also thinking that it was unfortunate that the Cowboys' cheerleaders can't really change their uniform…That is a luxury that other teams' cheerleaders have that the Cowboys don't. If you changed the Cowboys' cheerleaders uniforms, there would be outrage!

  2. Sharon says:

    I always thought you did not post on the weekends because of lack of time, being busy, needing free time, etc.
    If you would start posting on the weekend, this would be a great early Christmas gift.

  3. Nathan S. says:

    I took a group of teens on a mission trip to Guatemala where we went shopping and they bought shirts that looked like a "Jimmy Hendrix looking guy named Che." Yah when we got home I made them throw them away.

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