An Interesting Look At Our Political Culture

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What I took away from this piece is that there may be a difference between Conservatives and Republicans, with Conservatives being Birthers, Teabaggers, Palin and Joe Wilson supporters, and what you will, and the Republicans being the ones that my actually ahve some common sense.

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  1. Heath says:

    Yes, there is a difference between Conservatism and the Republican Party. Conservatism is a set of political ideologies and the Republican Party is simply a political party. There is a huge difference there. Kieth, I am upset with you because you are trying to label or "pigeon hole" those who are exercising their rights as Americans. I am not a "birther" and to be honest most Americans dont really care about Obama's place of birth. I am not a supporter of Sarah Palin..she doesn't represent my political views nor does Joe Lewis who is has been a liar himself. I am not even a "teabagger", another negative slight towards people who are simply upset with their gov. There are many other labels as well…Militants, Racists ect. These are all tactics to diffuse the situation at hand by those who oppose. I have attended several "Tea Parties" and I am none of the above at all- and believe it or not, this is a NONPARTISAN movement for the most part. This is about a lost trust, a disconnection between the citizens of this nation and its Government. Its not about political parties or race its about returning our Government to the hands of the People and who represent the people in congress and from the grip of corruption from those who only call themselves Republicans, Democrats, Lobbyists, special interest groups, banks- all who undermine the principals of what our nation was founded upon. Our nation is being looted by banks, our representatives no longer represent us.

    The Following is not my own writing but is what most, what you would call, "Tea Baggers" would demand of our Congress and President. I think any person who calls themselves American would agree with these demands:

    You, American Business and we, The Representatives and Senators of this nation, have gone too far.

    Whether you be bankers, lobbyists, pharmaceutical companies or any other form of business, the days of corruption and grift are over. We confess that we have sinned against the Founders and the People of this great nation and you shall confess your sins, effective today.

    We assert that we shall not take upon ourselves nor force upon the people of this nation debt that they are unable to pay in a futile and fraudulent attempt to cover up past scams.

    We shall return to a Constitutional and law-abiding system and form of government.

    We shall not permit banks to make loans for which they have no collateral value and no excess capital, and we shall impose this standard upon them each and every day.

    We demand, today and every day forward, that every firm shall produce a true and correct balance sheet, marked to the market, with no off-balance sheet games – without exception. We shall insist that those who refuse or lie go to prison.

    We demand the strong application of anti-trust laws to the banking system, a lowering of the maximum concentration of deposits from 10% to 1%, a break-up of all institutions that exceed this amount, a reinstatement of Glass-Steagall in its entirety and an absolute ban on cross-ownership of banks and investment, finance or insurance-related firms.

    We demand that bills be filed with sufficient time to read them before being voted upon, in full, with "sufficient time" being at least one full business day for each 100 pages of bill, without exception, and that the full and complete text be made available both to us and to the public before the clock begins to run.

    We demand that every law that compels a government agency to act shall have as a default "or else" clause the immediate removal from office of any official who willfully disregards that law's tenets.

    Finally, we assert that we work for the people as their representatives, and for good or bad, we shall listen to and be beholden only to them. In furtherance thereof any lobbying contact of any sort shall be recorded or in written form and be made available to the public immediately, so that all speech from corporate interests shall be disclosed to the people for their consideration, without exception.

    What say you, Keith?

    Best Regards,
    The Dishwasher Guy

  2. towski says:

    Heath, I can only assume that when you attend these tea parties, you make sure and take issue with, and confront, those who are carrying signs and placards depicting the president as hitler or in a racist manner.


    • Heath says:

      There are very few to confront. The video above only focuses on the fringe and will lead you to believe that we are, in fact, militants. As you can see they could not find one person with an educated opinion among tens of thousands of protestors..amazing!! I have seen very few Hitler/Obama depictions and absolutely no racial depictions. Do I confront them or would I? No, I am there for MY reasons and not theirs. However, I do disagree with them.


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