Worships Service With Guns

A Valley Station Road church is sponsoring an “Open Carry Church Service” in late June, encouraging people to wear unloaded guns in their holsters, enter a raffle to win a free handgun, hear patriotic music and listen to talks by operators of gun stores and firing ranges.

Pastor Ken Pagano of New Bethel Church said the first-time event is “basically trying to think a little bit outside the box” to promote “responsible gun ownership and 2nd Amendment rights.”

Full Courier-Journal Article

And the church’s website: www.newbethelchurchky.org


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3 Responses to Worships Service With Guns

  1. Rev. Hart says:


  2. Nathan S says:

    I carry a gun every church service : /
    …definitely concealed though… but loaded.

  3. Andy says:

    Why is this church choosing a side on the gun rights debate? Besides, some would argue that Jesus was a pacifist and wouldn't approve of guns.

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