U2’s New Stage Set Finally Revealed


Irish rockers U2 have revealed they picked a space-age circular stage for their world tour — kicking off spectacularly tonight at Barcelona’s giant 97,500-capacity Camp Nou stadium.

Bono & co’s 100-date, £90m U2360 tour will arrive in Dublin next month.

U2’s small central set, tipped to rotate, is beneath a giant, four-legged construction dubbed the “Claw” measuring a world-record 50metres high, 58m wide and 47m deep.

Based on Los Angeles Airport’s Theme Building, the Claw is so big that roadies first arrived four weeks ago to build it.

The tour, the band’s first since 2005’s Vertigo, is their most expensive in their 33 years together, in which time they have been touted as the best live act on the planet.

Full BelfastTelegraph Article

From a fan’s perspective, I like how close the crowd can get to the band and how there’s great line of sight – especially with the speakers out of the way.

The article also mentions what the first and last song of the concert will be, but I won’t spoil that for you.


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