3 Responses to Mother Rescuing Child

  1. Michelle says:

    Yeah, I made the blog….WGII

    • David Bryant says:

      Isn't it exciting Michelle? I remember the first time one of my suggestions was used on BON. As soon as I saw it I got tingly all over. I called in 'sick' that day so I could celebrate appropriately. Talk about a highlight in ones life.

      The problem is the letdown afterward. You will find yourself becoming addicted. You will start spending hours and hours searching for new things to send to BON, hoping to get that feeling again. You will ignore your family, your friends. You will quit taking care of personal hygiene. Before it is all said and done you will be a smelly, disheveled wretch that can no longer communicate off the computer. Your family/friends will try to get you to a 12 step program. They might even conduct an intervention, but that just won't matter. Nothing will help until you find that next item that qualifies as BON worthy.

      Oh I envy you for the journey you are starting out on…but I pity you as well.

  2. littlesnow says:

    I hope the squirrels are doing ok. Nice to see the momma protecting the baby, 🙂

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