Bag of Randomness

  • I watched a little bit of that Superstars battle thingy on ABC last night.  It was a surprise seeing T.O. get eliminated on the first episode, and man oh man, was he paired with one bona fide B.
  • Also on ABC was a special episode about teen pregnancy.  Wow.  One of the girls was pregnant with triplets.  I’m thinking having a pregnant teenage daughter is probably one of the top three fears of a father.
  • A Texas teenager from Longview was in that group that ABC followed.
  • In that ABC News Primetime special they showed just how different sex education is taught in Texas and Massachusetts.  But I think it was a bit skewed because the program in Massachusetts appeared to be in a public school, and the Texas school appeared to be private.  WifeGeeding was able to give me some input regarding the Longview schools since she’s familiar with the area.
  • It appears there’s a big debate regarding sex education and abstinance, that it has to be one or the the other.  I don’t understand why both can’t be taught.
  • I have a very good friend in NY, and we often talk about how interesting it is that even though we both live in the same country, it’s as if we live in two different worlds.
  • I prefer to mow the lawn during the work week, I rather spend my weekends not doing chores.
  • I found out some people add pumpkin and yogurt to their dog’s food, but I don’t know why.
  • During lunch yesterday I stopped by the Home Depot near my work to pick up a few things.  I was standing in the self checkout line and a pregnant lady was giving a bunch of attitude, I mean a bunch of attitude, towards an older Asian lady because she thought she cut in line, but in reality, there were two lines.  I couldn’t help myself, so I butted in and stated that there were actually two lines.  Preggers came back with some response that she has been standing in line for a while and knows there’s just one line.  I replied telling her that since I’m ahead of her, I’ve been in line longer, and noticed that two lines did actually form.  The Asian lady then stepped behind me, and I actually allowed her to check out ahead of me.
  • Dang. . . Nixon really didn’t like the idea of a black and white couple.
  • Prison, Feces, Corrupt Guards and Lap Dancing
  • Unlike the rest of America, I never made a Who’s Who list.  Back in high school, that made me really bitter.
  • I was also really bitter I never scored high enough on standardized tests to get me in honor classes or gifted and talented classes.  The honor students got to read or do assignments that seemed pretty cool and prepared them better for college, and just for being in the honors class each student got ten points added to their six-weeks average.  I hear the work wasn’t that much more challenging, and of course, those extra points helped them regarding class rank.
  • I once went to my high school counselor and asked if I could get placed in a gifted and talented class.  His response, and this is word for word, “But you aren’t gifted or talented.”
  • One thing that kept me motivated through high school was a silly little saying that a math teacher would say and that she had on her wall, “Success isn’t measured by the IQ, but by the I DO.”
  • Grace
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. MamaToots says:

    I'd like to have just 5 minutes w/ the counselor who made the comment "you aren't gifted or talented"!!!! I abhor the name of that "program" that is in our school system. It is a misnomer of gigantic proportions! The people I have seen in this "elite" group were more "snobbish and arrogant"…………and the testing done was so subjective…………too much emphasis on grades and not enough on true showings of unusual abilities to create and learn.
    These children were given opportunities to experience things that ALL children should be given (i.e. special field trips, projects, etc.)
    Sorry for the rant………….but the G/T program is more deflating than uplifting!!!

  2. Doug says:

    I'm unsure about pumpkin, however plain yogurt with active cultures aids in the dog's digestion. Supposedly it cuts down on gas too.

  3. Doug says:

    “But you aren’t gifted or talented.”

    Similar experience. My councelor strongly suggested that I wouldn't be a good candidate for college. It motivated me to graduate.

  4. Michelle says:

    Also the yougart is good for their coats. My poochies have cottage cheese/yougart every morning added to their food. I'm intrigued to know what the pumpkin does for them.

  5. jad says:

    Your gifted and talented comment made me think of my sister, when she was in college the dean told her she would never be teacher material, it crushed her and made her question herself for a long time. Down the road twenty-five years as a math teacher : she has been voted teacher of the year by her peers and her students, had too many cards and letter of thanks to count and had even had the football team dedicate a game to her for all her encouragement to them. Makes me want to go to that Dean and show himwhat teacher material looks like! For what it is worth I personally think you are very gifted and talented, but where it counts… in life, rather than school! Just like my sister!

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