Bag of Randomness

  • I had a dream the other night that I was on my way to the U2 concert and stopped at McDonalds where the Mythbusters showed up.  They were happy I actually recognized them and even let me get a couple of picture with them.
  • I think I read something in the past that scientists were close to being able to record dreams.  Even though I would love to relive some of my dreams, it would scare me to death if someone else could view them . . . I have some freaking dreams sometimes.
  • The next Rangers double header is the first day of September.  It might be fun to try to get the guys together for that day, but I would have thought there would have been more double headers than that.
  • I think I was the only kid in elementary school that drank white milk, all the other kids drank chocolate.  I remember standing in the lunch line, and a sweet older Hispanic lady use to hand us our milk, because we were too short to reach into the container.  She always remembered me and without fail would say “white milk” with a smile.  Looking back, that always made my day.
  • I feel like the 2012 election has already started.
  • Maybe a good cost savings theme this Christmas for some families is that gifts can only be bought on Craig’s List or eBay.
  • Ringtones use to annoy me, now I think I have adjusted to them.
  • But the person walking around the store using his or her bluetooth device still annoys me.
  • Nothing like mowing the lawn in temperatures right near a hundred degrees.
  • Man, I feel like this has been a slow week.
  • I haven’t bought Trident or Dentyne in probably over a decade.  I’m more of an Orbit kinda guy.  But in regards to those two gums, I use to see a lot of their commercials, but I can’t recall that last time I saw one.  Maybe I’m out of their demographic.
  • Speaking of Dentyne, if you go to you are only allowed to surf  that website for three minutes before it shuts down.
  • I’m not a lake person whatsoever, and when I hear about accidents and tragedies on the lake, it makes me kinda glad I avoid those large bodies of water.
  • I think the word “whatsoever” just looks kinda weird.
  • Mowing the lawn during the summer in Texas is a lot of work.
  • But there’s something about looking at the lawn you just mowed that makes like a little better.
  • While driving late last night I was listening to NPR where a few folks from the Catholic Prayer Line were being interviewed.  I think they made mentioned that most calls are sent to voicemail.
  • The new Buick LaCrosse looks nice.  If I were to help out GM,  that would probably be my preferred way.
  • WifeGeeding returns today, which means I no longer get to drive the cool vehicle in our family.  Blerg.
  • Toll roads in the area may increase charges by 30% because of lack of use.  Instead of raising rates, which will probably cause less people to use the toll roads, how about decreasing rates to encourage the use of them?
  • The TV Sizer from the new is a good idea.
  • Grace
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Doug says:

    Mowing the lawn this evening. Get ready to sweat!

  2. dan says:

    "•I think I read something in the past that scientists were close to being able to record dreams"

    The government needs to stop that research immediately. It sounds like a bad scifi movie

  3. dan says:

    When I mow on Saturday I'm raising the blade on my mower one notch to the second highest cutting level; official recognition of the start ot summer.

  4. Gabe Waggoner says:

    Ha! You said, "Blerg." I love it.

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