Bag of Randomness

  • On my morning commute yesterday I heard a Church of Scientology radio advertisement.  It sounded like they are having some kind of open house this Sunday in Irving.
  • Before my buddy came over yesterday to take home the pool table I’m giving him, I had to play a few games by myself.  That pool table was very sentimental, as it helped me bond with my brother and father, and my best friends in high school spent a lot of time around that table which created great memories and stronger friendships.
  • Those high school best friends are still my best friends, plus the addition of a couple college guys.
  • My brother gave me that pool table for Christmas one year.  I actually visited him in college and he drove home to put it together.  You know, I think he gave me the wrong directions home so he would have more time to put it together.
  • That pool table is friggin’ heavy.  It consists of three slabs that weights, well, a whole friggin’ lot.
  • There were five of us all together moving that table, and it was great just taking our time and kidding each other.
  • I hope that table continues to bring joy and build relationships.  Since no one really comes over to GeedingManor, I rarely play it, and it was just taking up space.
  • We all ate at 5 Guys Burger and Fries, and man oh man was it good.
  • I got an email from a high school student that cracked me up, she said she reads BoN at school when she’s “super board.”  Two thoughts on this . . . I thought I was only hindering corporate productivity, not educational efforts.  And, isn’t that a backhanded compliment, that she only reads this blog when she’s “super board.”  Made me laugh.
  • Robert E. Lee’s last words were, “Strike the tent.”
  • The middle school I attended was named after him.
  • I was watching the NFL Network and caught Steve Sabol of NFL films interviewing Charles Haley.  Two things stood out, Haley referred to Steve Sabol as Stephen Spielberg, and Haley claims the speech Jimmy Johnson gave him about his career going down the toilet never happened.  I think it happened, there seems to be many sources backing that up.
  • One very cool part about school sports was playing out of town and the bus ride home.
  • Ten NBA championships in 19 years for Phil Jackson.  Yeah, that’s pretty darn good.
  • Grace
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  1. I've been reading BON when I'm super bored for years now…

  2. dan says:

    Phil Jackson also has two NBA Chanpionship rings as a player so if he wants to wear all of his NBA Championship rings he'd have to wear two of them on his toes

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