Bag of Randomness

  • I just learned that diesel engines, that is cars with a diesel engine, don’t have spark plugs.
  • WifeGeeding has an in-law that is flying a jet for Steve Wynn.  Recently he had to fly from Las Vegas to Oklahoma to pick up Garth Brooks, and then back again.
  • Simon Owens took a look at political blog traffic from Oct 08 to May 09.  If that kind of stuff interests you, check it out.
  • I did some spray painting in an area that is not well ventilated and felt I got really high for the firs time in my life.
  • Even though WifeGeeding was not home this Sunday, I still went to church.
  • A guest pastor spoke about how Christians are, or can be separate from the world.  He broke it down to how Christians are separate physically, culturally, and mentally.  It was quite interesting.
  • I’m giving my pool table away to a college buddy of mine.  I have lots of fond memories of that pool table, and all the good times me and my buddies had around that thing since high school.  But I doubt I’ve played pool twice in two years, and it should be put to good use.
  • I’m somewhat thinking of turning the room where the pool table use to be into a home theater.  So I guess I now need to research projectors.
  • I went to the deep freeze yesterday and discovered it was no longer freezing and all the food was just cool.  Turns out I needed to reset the outlet breaker thingy and it started back up.  The frozen chicken breasts were thawed out, but were still cold.  I can’t decide if I should throw all the food away in the deep freeze or not
  • Grace
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Chris O' says:

    For food safety reasons, nothing should ever be refrozen. Just remember how much fun you had on that ER trip and how long you were there. Eating any of the food could end up with a hopsital stay, not just an ER visit.

    Have a great day,

  2. D Cliff says:

    My Mama used to say, "When in doubt…throw it out!"

  3. Sharon says:

    I work for poison control. We get calls from people 1-2 days after using spray paint and they have symptoms of coughing up and spitting out the color of the spray paint that they were using. Be on the lookout.

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