Bag of Randomness


  • Yesterday WifeGeeding woke up in a very chipper mood because it was the last day of school.  To celebrate, I took her to dinner last night.  The picture above (I know, the quality is poor because it’s from the camera in my phone) is our dessert.  It’s a edible chocolate bag filled two types of creams, chocolate chips, strawberries, blueberries, nuts, and other sinful indulgences.  Because it was a bag, I felt the need to post a picture of it.
  • I have a Twitter account, but I really don’t update it often, so I find it interesting that in the past week two folks from the media (a weather girl from Waco, a sports dude from Baton Rouge) are now following me.
  • This news might be a little old, but I found it interesting.  I was checking out the White House Flickr page and came across the Pittsburgh Steelers visit.  Two things caught my attention.  This picture of all the players pulling out their cameras as Obama walks into the room ( it’s just funny seeing celebrities taking pictures of an even bigger celebrity) and this picture of the players helping to stuff care packages for the USO.   Even though I think it’s cool for professional and collegian champions to visit the White House, I always thought it was pointless, so it’s neat seeing a pointless trip be made somewhat purposeful, even if it’s part of a photo-op.
  • As of right now, there is only one picture added to the White House Flickr page for June, and it’s of Nancy Reagan and the current First Lady.
  • I remember not entirely too long ago when the local news stations had helicopters out and about reporting on traffic.   When it was time to cut the budget, they were one of the first things to go.  Now we have animated traffic maps, but more importantly, they have the use of real-time video feeds of cameras located all around the metroplex pointed at nothing but traffic.  All that to say, I don’t think the traffic copter will be making a comeback.
  • It frustrates me when promises get broken.
  • Conan had a funny line the other night.  He stated something to the effect that if YouTube, Twitter, and FaceBook were combined it would be  called YouTwitFace.
  • And his new set is very Super Mario like  Link
  • YouTube for large screens
  • School lunch from around the world
  • I have to admit, this did scare me while I was reading it.
  • Let’s try this again . . . I have nothing planned this weekend, and that’s just how I like it.
  • Today’s Random TV Theme Show Opening – the music kind of sums up my mood as of late.
  • Grace
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