Bag of Randomness

  • Not too long ago I set up a Google Alert for anytime someone decides to Google my name.  I recently had to modify the alert because I kept getting alerts everytime “Keith” and “feeding” displayed as a result.
  • My favorite Llano Estacado pastor, a children’s pastor at that,  made a post on his blog directed at parents about a few things as it pertains to their kids’ church experience.  I found it insightful, and thought you might enjoy it as well.
  • I moved some furniture around the house without WifeGeeding’s consent.  She doesn’t like the new arrangement, but decided to “give it a try.”
  • We also can’t decide what color to paint the bedroom.
  • I think teachers look forward to summer for than the students.
  • If there was year-round school in Texas, can you imagine the cost of the electricity bill?
  • Should GM temporarily change it’s name to Government Motors?
  • One heck of a stroller
  • Dan, if you are out there, whenever I try to reply to your email, it always gets returned.
  • One disadvantage of working on the top floor of a building is when the fire alarm goes off.  Such a thing happened yesterday, and a fire truck appeared, but other than that, I don’t have any updates.
  • I watched Monday’s Letterman when I got home yesterday.  I noticed he wore a blue blazer and tan pants, kind of like he use to during his Late Night days.
  • Cosby was on the show, and Letterman even mentioned his upcoming appearance in Frisco, TX.  As a matter of fact, Cosby mentioned he never heard of Frisco, and when he asked about the place he was told only rich people live there.  He kidded that it was a gated community.
  • He started off with two strong jokes about him and the Tonight show.  I think I will always be a little bitter that he never got that gig.
  • I have a feeling when Leno starts his show and gets the marquee guests, Letterman’s ratings will increase over Conan’s.
  • I saw coverage of Nancy Reagan with President Obama when he signed legislation authorizing the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission, and thought it was quite touching.  But I recently read something that Nancy said to Vanity Fair that surprised me regarding the Obama administration not inviting her to witness the president sign the bill allowing federal funds to be directed toward stem cell research:“I would have gone, and you know I don’t like to travel,” she told the magazine. “Politically, it would have been a good thing for him to do. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. He called and thanked me for working on it. But he could have gotten more mileage out of it.”I guess in retrospect the administration should have extended an invite, but perhaps they didn’t think she would accept because of her age and health, and the event looking like a bit contrived – that is, using a frail and still grieving First Lady as a prop.
  • I love watching the NBC News special of a dayin in the life of the White House when a new administration takes over.
  • It’s the little thinks I like to see, like the pictures behind his desk.  And watching it in HD is just great, as I can pause the recording and see things in detail.  For instance, I noticed a very interesting bobble head or PEZ dispenser on someone’s desk.
  • I also saw a phone operator taking calls, asking the the caller, “Would you like to leave a message for the president?”  You know they must get some crazy calls.
  • It was mentioned that the National Security Adviser likes to listen to U2, as he had the new album on his desk.
  • The music to the whole special was just interesting.  It ranged from hip-hop to music from the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair – a soundtrack I just happen to have, so I was able to quickly identify it.
  • Brian Williams was somewhat recently on Leno, and he mentioned that he drives a modified Ford Mustang.  That kind of surprised me.  Nothing against Mustangs, I just thought the anchor of NBC News would drive some kind of luxury car.
  • I also learned that Brian Williams likes his burger just like I do – meat, cheese, and ketchup only.  Anything else is just excess or filler.
  • Used tire art
  • God on the Go
  • Grace
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Kim says:

    meat, cheese and ketchup – as Alton Brown says – "We're making burgers, not salad!"

  2. Ketchup on a burger is so wrong…

  3. Adam Green says:

    I've been trying to track down this idea of creating a Google Alert to tell you when someone searches for your name. According to Google it isn't possible. I've even written up my quest on my blog:

    Can you tell how you are doing this? I do not mean creating a Google Alert and entering your name. That does not alert you when a search is done. It alerts you when your name is mentioned on the Web. Is there something else you are doing? Thanks.

  4. Shawn Wilson says:

    Dude, are ya'll having a baby? Just all the baby stuff in this post. Just wondering. Much love bro

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