Ten Types of Music No Man Should Own

From Esquire:

Actress Mary-Louise Parker has some helpful advice for you: If one of these appears in your music collection, you’re never getting laid again.

1. Records by any act whose name is of a Greek or Latin etymology, i.e. Styx, Megadeth, Yanni.
2. Any recording of Carousel, original Broadway cast or national tour.
3. Any recording by an act or artist who owns a copy of any recording of Carousel.
4. Any soundtrack involving earnest undersea creatures who sing or play drums as they struggle to find their way home.
5. The soundtrack or singles from any aerobics movie featuring Olivia Newton-John or John Travolta.
6. Any album containing a pop song with recordings of whales or dolphins in the background.
7. Any album by Paul after George died, any album by George after John died, and any album by Ringo after Elvis died.
8. Any of the volumes of Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women. The DVD is equally, if not more, unacceptable.
9. Any album released between 1984 and 1988 by men wearing unitards or kimonos. Except Boy George.
10. Any tracks or bootleg recordings of the Kiss: Alive II tour. Unless you are twelve.

OK!  I’m guilty when it comes to #4.


The 75 Albums Every Man Should Own

I only own about three of those albums, and not one U2 albums makes that list.

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2 Responses to Ten Types of Music No Man Should Own

  1. Don says:

    Esquire must be nuts. Styx at number one? Who doesn't have a copy of The Grand Illusion? That's a great album.

  2. Adam says:

    "Except Boy George…" haha… sometimes, I think Esquire is as pretentious as GQ (or more)

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