Random Lost Thoughts

  • So half of the Lost gang are stuck in the past, and half are in present day.
  • I think I know where that runway came from.  Remember in a previous season when Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were held prisoner by Ben and Co.?  Well, if you recall, they were forced to do a lot of manual labor, like clearing brush and rocks.  In other words, I think Ben had them help in making a runway, which means Ben had knowledge that this event would happen.  Which also makes me think that Ben someh0w knew how to make certain people stay in the present and others go in the past.  If any of these “new” people on the Ajira flight were to go to the past, their lack of knowledge of what’s going on and their actions would affect the future – but Ben knew Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid wouldn’t screw up the past and he gets them out of his hair.
  • Sawyer lost his edge, but it seems to be coming back.
  • It seemed a bit silly that Sawyer didn’t press Jack more on how Locke died.
  • Jack also seemed to have lost his edge.  He’s usually very proactive, but now more contemplative and subservient.
  • Baby Ethan was kind of creepy, as least the revelation was.  Interesting how Ethan was responsible for recruiting Juliet back in the day, and Juliet was responsible for his birth, and would have died had she not been there.  And you know what else that means – Ben wasn’t the only one to survive the purge since Ethan tagged along.  Are there any more purge survivors?
  • The actor that played a young Ben did a great job using his eyes.
  • Did anyone else catch the Muppet Show clips?  Made me laugh.
  • I wonder what the story is on Faraday.  I’m reaching here, but maybe he becomes Jacob.  But maybe Faraday was working in the lab that Dr Pierre Chang got pulled away from to help with orientation?  Chang also made mention of how things were unorganized on the other side.  I think he was referring to the U.S. base, which I think means a future storyline for us.
  • Here’s another reach that isn’t so far out there – we didn’t see Sayid for a while, and his response to Sawyer was interesting, “We do not refer to ourselves as ‘hostile,’ but yes, I am one of them.”  I’m thinking that Sayid actually spent time with the Others and struck up a relationship and some sort of deal.  A deal that will help Sayid get revenge on Ben.
  • You may need to read up on Radzinky to get a better understanding of his connection to the show.  But here’s the skinny – he built the Swan, roomed with Kelvin Inman as a button-pusher-resetter, he made the blast door map that Locke discovered, and he killed himself with a shotgun resulting in the blood stain on the Swan’s ceiling.
  • I thought the episode was so-so, but it was one of those transitional ones that will help set us up for the more meaty episodes to come.
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